Known problems and how to fix them
This is a topic about the problems people might have when joining the server or when being on the server. Please check if your problem is here before creating a topic.

General problems

- Stuck on retrieving server info
Try to reconnect to the server. If the problem persist ask an admin to check the server status and he will restart the server when it's offline.

- Gmod crashes while loading server.

For some people Gmod crashes when extracting the workshop addons. This can be solved by disabling all files to be downloaded from server in the Options.
Subscribe to the content manually. For the links check the 'Everything you need to play on the server' topic.
[Image: fix.jpg]

- Lag when playing.
There are two types of lag: client-side lag and server-side lag.
  • If your ping is above 100, you're connection to the server could cause it. Check if nothing is downloading on your PC or your network. If you live outside Europe, the distance between you and the server could also result in milliseconds of delay.
  • If most people on the server are lagging, it's not you but the server's connection that has trouble, this is mainly caused by attacks and mostly won't last long.
  • If you're FPS is low (check with net_graph 1,  <30 is low) then your computer's hardware is not powerful enough to play the game. Lower your game video settings. Try to lower shadows, this takes a lot of GPU (graphic card) power. After that try to decrease your distance of view. If you have still lag, lower all the other settings as well.

- Spawnicon is bugged, but when the item is spawned it looks normal.
Go to browse and try to find the model, then click on rebuild. Or go to your garrysmod/materials folder and remove the spawnicons folder.

- Player model or a spawned prop is missing textures.
Try to subsribe to the workshop content packs manually. For the links check the 'Everything you need to play on the server' topic.

- Server not in my steam favorites.
  • Check if the gametracker banners at the header of this forum says if it's down or not. If it is offline it's not your fault.
  • Try to re-add the IP via the Legacy server browser. If it still doesn't work you have to connect to it directly with connect ip:port in console.
  • If it's offline contact any admin to start the server again.

Map specific problems

- rp_evocity_v2d is all purple and black
Make sure you've bought Counter-Strike Source. Also make sure you have it mounted. You can do that in the main menu, click on the gamepad icon.

- rp_evocity2_v2p is all purple and black
Make sure Half-Life 2 Episode 2 is mounted.

- rp_evocity_v33x lake is missing
Make sure Half-Life 2 Episode 2 is mounted.

- Stuck in the map.
Try to get out by spawning a chair, or contact an admin if he is available.

Gamemode problems

- Stuck on spawn with red error text
Sometimes it takes a while for the gamemode to load. If you're still waiting after 5 minutes the gamemode is broken. Contact an admin and ask to restart the server.

- Screen keeps displaying the drug effects
Manually stop it by going to the Post Procession tab in Q.

- Screen is still red after death.
Ask an admin to slay you.

Not seeing the skies (clear skies)
- Close Gmod
- Go to Steam - > Library - > Right click Gmod - > Properties - > Set Launch Options
- Put only this in here: -dxlevel 95
- Start Gmod and wait for the main menu to appear.
- Close gmod again and remove the thing you've added in the launch options.
- Now start Gmod again and it should work.

Solved issues in topics

Click on the title to open the topic.

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Thread updated with the fix for Gmod crashes when extracting Workshop files during the loading.
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