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[$1MIL PRIZE] Miss Evocity 2019
[Image: lfHes1L.png]

You are invited to join us as a contestant or a guest for the sixth year of the annual evening event where 6 contestants will compete to win the crown and prize!
The competition will consist of three portions: 1.) Beauty walk, 2.) Talent performances, 3.) Question time.

Threads of the previous years: 2018 2017 2016 2015

[Image: n79hlUt.png]
1.) The winner gets $1 000 000 in prize money and the crown of Miss Evocity 2019.
2.) The runner-up (second place) gets $500 000 in prize money.
3.) The second runner-up (third place) gets $250 000 in prize money.
4.) Miss Popular Choice (audience decides) gets $100 000 in prize money.
[Image: U3766Uo.png]
The event will be held on Grassy Fields near the lake on v4b1. The date of the event is on the 12th of January 2019 (Saturday), and it starts:
  • 19:00 GMT (London)
  • 20:00 GMT+1 (Berlin)
  • 14:00 EST (New York)
[Image: BUP1NSb.png]
Applications are now closed. The contestants [6/6] are following:

1.) Jessica Summer (Jessixa)
2.) Hannah Waite (Zambie)
3.) Sarah Price (Ghost)
4.) Maria Willow (Sohfiiea)
5.) Alex Smith (MrMaaze)
6.) Isabella Clifford (Ryan

[Image: IpbtfAA.png]
The evening of fun will be hosted by Krissy Blake (Lesanka) and Richard Bones (Divey) from Blake Studios.
The sound technician will be Melvin Odious (Avgar) and our stage technician will be Steve 'Coffee' Grimes (Coffee).

Our celebrity judges will be [3/3]:

1.) Madeleine Gerin Lajoie (Sparx) - Since her victory in 2017, she has become an international model and superstar. She is back this year to choose her successor.
2.) Peggy Miller (Horseman) - The beloved reality TV star from 'Wife Swap Evocity' is bringing her country heart, a bale of hay and a whole lot of flies.
2.) Jack Law (JackZ) - Entering the world of showbiz is one of the biggest personalities of the casino business. (and some rumor the underworld) He's going to lay his brutal honesty on the contestants.

[Image: m9A6n7u.png]
Miss Evocity 2019 is brought to you by our kind sponsors which have donated to the prize pool:

Otto 'Bentley' Winston (Bobby Chang) - $1,300,000
John Wick (Nicholasas) - $350 000
Henry Banks (Zulu) - $305 000
Joshua Strax (PhantomSolaris) - $300 000
Sebastian Leon (sebasti161) - $251 000
David Hendricksen Jr. (Ivan Headshotski) - $250 000
Ryan McGuiness (ImTheRealSparks) - $100 000
Tom Lacetta (kippsee) - $50 000
Lucifer Black (HamppuMato) - $19 999

Top 5 sponsors will receive early access and VIP seating at the event.
All sponsors will have their name listed here.
Please contact Krissy Blake (Lesanka) if you'd like to become a sponsor.

Miss Evocity 2019 is brought to you by Blake Studios and will be secured by Lionscrest Incorporated.

[Image: tJ5Ijqh.png]     [Image: lqGexoB.png]

[Image: c03hann.png]
Name: Jessica Summer 
Age: 22 

Reason: Ever since the first Miss Evocity came out , I always , always wanted to be in it , seeing all these gorgeous ladies showing their amazing talents and skills , I always wish that I could show off my talent to everyone and hoping they enjoy it . 
Random haters would came forward to me and start calling me names and bully me on social media . 
I would like to start shining and PROVE all those haters wrong , with my Catnakes fans supporting me and my career , I am willing to take it to the next level !!
                                                                   [Image: IMG-20190327-210248.jpg]
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Name: Sarah Price
Age: 21

Reason: Sarah competed in the 2016 Miss Evocity. Since that competition she battled depression from not winning. Sarah felt she was not good enough and attempted to commit suicide. If it wasn't for William Waite then she might not been applying at this current date. Sarah wants to make a come back and prove that she is the best in Evocity!
[Image: f8f0ed93936736f2ae4c735f1edc05ed.png]
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Name: Hannah Waite

Age: 24

Reason: After watching Miss EvoCity for multiple years and not having the self-esteem to join and perform. I decided to join anyway, even though I am a depressed bitch. Hannah hopes to come and prove that she is the true Miss EvoCity.
[Image: 879341f01d77c26fa8f94f2abdb9a014.png]
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Magnificent, I will be sure to attend.
Fearless Administrator  |  Event Manager

[Image: source.gif]

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I’m attending this is gonna be lit I will be sure to donate to the prize pool and show my appreciation as I missed the last few as was busy
[Image: aplodua57b7.png]
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  • Lesanka
Very, very nice. Glad to see this is still going, I'll be sure to put some cash in the pot.
[Image: KL3qjvw.png]
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  • Lesanka
pretty amazing to see it going on for this long, probably won't be there but will make sure to watch Arnys recording :)

also cannot wait to hear spraxs trans voice again
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  • Sparx, Lesanka, RoCKy
Good luck to all contestants!
It's nice to see this still going Smile 2014-2019
This year color theme is: orange ? ^^ Pretty sure the builds will be good. Also, setup of technicians will requires time and like every year will be brilliant!
[Image: JmCzDqB.png]
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  • Alertecobra27, Lesanka
I can't attend this one unfortunately but I wish all contestants the best of luck this year and hope you all have a great time. Love the design and layout of the thread Lesanka, great work as always!
[Image: X3cIqqK.jpg]
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