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[FINISHED] Miss Evocity 2018
[Image: K9nnF51.png]

You are invited to join us as a contestant or a guest for the fifth year of the annual evening event where 7 contestants will compete to win the crown and prize!
The competition will consist of three portions: 1.) Beauty walk, 2.) Talent performances, 3.) Question time.

Threads of the previous years: 2017 2016 2015

[Image: i3dJaYN.png]
1.) The winner gets $1 000 000 in prize money and the crown of Miss Evocity 2018.
2.) The runner-up (second place) gets $600 000 in prize money.
3.) The second runner-up (third place) gets $400 000 in prize money.

[Image: G2vgmTD.png]
The event will be held in the Northview Showroom in the city on v5p. The date of the event is 27th of January 2018 (Saturday), and it starts:
  • 19:00 GMT (London)
  • 20:00 GMT+1 (Berlin)
  • 14:00 EST (New York)
[Image: Y92fNBB.png]
Applications are now closed. The contestants [7/7] are following:

1.) Peda Pablo (Dobbs)
2.) Semichi 'Zo' Aquino (Janzo 火) - 1st place 
3.) Pebela Si (GHOSTK1LL3R) - 3rd place
4.) Kelly Turner (Horseman) - 2nd place
5.) Emma 'Tarin' Hale (Zona)
6.) Elizabeth Smith (Julern
7.) Sophie Christie (Exotic)

[Image: dpsAbon.png]
The evening of fun will be hosted by Krissy Blake (Lesanka) and Richard Bones (Divey) from Bentley Productions.
The sound technician will be Dharren Wright (Avgar), and our stage technician will be Steve 'Coffee' Grimes (Coffee).

Our celebrity judges will be [3/3]:

1.) Madeleine Gerin Lajoie (Sparx) - Since her victory in last year's pageant, she has become an international model and superstar. She is back this year to choose her successor.
2.) Callum 'Cal' Devine (DVN) - Editor of several fashion magazines and one of the richest men in Evocity.
3.) Lindsey Stafford (Rockdude69) - Feeling as though she was robbed from her rightful crown last year, she's making a return and taking up the judging panel to ensure no injustice happens again!

[Image: iqnt677.png]
Miss Evocity 2018 is brought to you by our kind sponsors which have donated to the prize pool:

Otto 'Bentley' Winston (Sir Otto) - $1 000 000
Nico 'Entertainment' Bobberson (Nico168299) - $300 000
Emil "Eme" Markson (Alreadu_emppus) - $200 000
Tommy Wagner (Pingu) - $150 000
Elissa Erzen (SgtDecay) - $150 000
Alfonso Giachetta (Ethan Bradberry) - $100 000
Dean 'Random' Grimes (Random) - $50 000
Jack 'Reebs' Mondays (Reebs) - $50 000
Alshabib Al-Muhammed (AwestruckBullet) - $40 000
John Loius (Rushi) - $20 000
Matthew 'Lewwings' Jones (Lewwings) - $20 000
Henry Mike (SelfGamer) - $15 000 
Sem Djonsen (Sem) - $12 000 

Top 5 sponsors will receive early access and VIP seating at the event.
Please contact Krissy Blake (Lesanka) if you'd like to become a sponsor.

Miss Evocity 2018 will be secured by Peaky Blinders and media covered by Vantiago Incorporated.

[Image: 0U4NZQW.png][Image: hAZHM4S.png]

[Image: hhANfBB.png]
Hello, I am Madam Wong and I am back to take my deserved title. I wish to join so that I can finally please my family so that they stop harassing me when I visit because I lost last year...
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I am Ellen Payne, looking to compete in brains and looks. If accepted, I intend to show of my smarts in naming all US Presidents, start to finish, parties and terms included if necessary. Ty.
[Image: 0EFBF14A7C463B995F1D3BB1060B48FA87A08196]
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  • Lesanka, Divey
I'm super excited for this years event, it's great to see so much interest in Miss EvoCity already.

I will by flying in directly from my business trip in Dubai and cutting it short, I would never miss such a beautifully organised event in my home city.
[Image: X3cIqqK.jpg]
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  • Divey, Lesanka
I'd enter, but the 27th is my 18th Birthday so im probably out getting slaughtered.

Hopefully it all goes well, Hopefully I can participate in next years event. xoxox

[Image: ya1Bj4z.jpg]
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  • Divey, Dobbs, Lesanka, DVN
Can't wait!

I might record it if I get there!
Fearless Developer

[Image: get.php?s=STEAM_0:0:56400266&b=12]
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  • Divey
(01-10-2018, 06:20 PM)Sam Hyde Wrote: Hello, I am Madam Wong and I am back to take my deserved title. I wish to join so that I can finally please my family so that they stop harassing me when I visit because I lost last year...

Loved your performance a year ago, hilarious!

Good luck everyone participating again! Probs to you Lesanka and Avgar for your dedication!
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  • Bob Bobbington
im so sad that i cant be there this year
miss evo city is an amazing event
Kind Regards
Fearless Donator
[Image: ZEC9UG0.jpg]
coming back for that day ^^
good stuff - loving the tradition.

Good luck to ya'll.
[Image: H5wVLz1.gif]

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