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[FINISHED] Miss Evocity 2017
[Image: 7oHaqbX.png]
Join us for the fourth year of the annual evening event where 7 contestants will compete to win the crown and prize!
The competition will consist of three portions: 1.) Beauty walk, 2.) Talent performances, 3.) Question time.
Threads of the previous years: 2016 2015
[Image: eFYsR3p.png]
1.) $1 000 000
2.) Crown of Miss Evocity 2017
3.) Offer for an exclusive modeling contract with Bentley Productions
[Image: FvBXkV6.png]
The event will be held in Cub Foods on v2dIt will be held on the 14th of January 2017 (Saturday)and it starts:
  • 19:00 GMT (London)
  • 20:00 GMT+1 (Berlin)
  • 14:00 EST (New York)
[Image: 6uHafpD.png]
Applications are now closed. The contestants [7/7] are following:

1.) Hitman - Jessica Ive [Tied for third place]
2.) Explore - Madam Wong
3.) Ph4ntom - Angelica Schuyler
4.) Sparx - Madeleine Gerin Lajoie [First place]
5.) RockDude69 - Lindsey Stafford [Tied for third place]
6.) Janzo - Semichi "Zo" Aquino
7.) Horseman - Peggy Miller [Second place]

[Image: aOQfN13.png]
The evening of fun will be hosted by Krissy Blake (Lesanka) and Richard Bones (Divey) from Bentley Productions.
The sound technician will be Dharren Wright (Avgar).

Special guest - Zeke Harbury, the superstar from Backslum Boys will perform!

Our VIP celebrity judges will be [3/3]:

1.) Jan - Jan Camorro - Owner of multiple famous restaurants and hotels in Evocity, he is the head of the famous Camorro family.
2.) Spear - Clark Seven - A world famous model, recently featured in Modeshow.
3.) Reebs - Jack Mondays - Famous actor known for starring in a variety of movies and Wife Swap Evocity.
Miss Evocity is brought to you by Bentley Productions and will be secured by Estleback Corporation.

           [Image: Q3wlHxM.png]   [Image: XgmvHW4.png]

[Image: WJdJ2pz.png]
Female RP Name: Angelica Schuyler (Pronounced: Skyler)

Why I will make a great Miss Evo City: I'm going to be a great Miss EvoCity becuase I am the most humble and the most kind! I love everyone in EvoCity and I will be able to show off my great talents!
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  • Lesanka
Name: Jessica Ive

Why I will make a great Miss Evo City: Came in second last year and I am back for vengence!
[Image: sYlvBlm.png]
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Name: Lindsey Stafford

Why i will make a great Miss Evo City: Most men in this city know me very well *winks*
[Image: 7hr8vun.png]
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Name: Mia Elizabeth Finch

Reason: Im kind, Quite outgoing, Just dont get on my bad side Tongue
Kind Regards,

[Image: get.php?s=STEAM_0:1:70457151&b=13]

Name: Semichi "Zo" Aquino

Reason I Want To Join : I Am A Competetive, Strong Independent Women. I Want To Prove That I Can Be A Pretty GUUURL Even though Others Have Pushed Me Down Because of My Looks. I Want To Prove Them Wrong. I Am Determined To Win. Sleepy
[Image: get.php?s=STEAM_0:0:81986316&b=12]
Name: Peggy Miller
Why to choose me: Since my childhood I have always been called a feminine flower with fists of iron.
I am the perfect wife and farmer and also 6th time annual arm wrestling heavy liege champion.
The people will love me! I will make them!
[Image: 51T5VDb.png]
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  • Divey, Lesanka, Sparx, Broccoli, DreeBott, Mist
Name: Madeleine Gerin Lajoie
Why to choose me: I'm ready to play the game better than anyone you've known. Ever since I was young I wanted to be Miss Evocity. My parents told me I would never be a model but I'm here to prove them wrong. People around me describe me as "Marmite" in that you either love or hate me. I can be sweet or sour. It depends on how you act towards me. I believe it's time to show Evocity that modelling can be a ruthless world. I want this more than anything. And I'm willing to do ANYTHING to get it. Wink
[Image: pJtmS0K.png]
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Female RP Name: Madam Wong
Why I will make a great Miss Evo City: I am chinese and china best country
[Image: WtJ_PvGz_normal.jpg] <<< +Rep this guy they are very cool.
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Name: Leshaniqua "No Regrets" Johnson
My name Leshaniqua but y'all can just call me dashaun.. I grew up in the projects chiraq gang gang and im an ebony single mom give me a chance i wanna make it outta here xoxoxo
[Image: Y7ulxVq.jpg]
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