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Steam Name: zXNoRegretzXz

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:420393797

BanID: 82542

Ban Reason
BRA (93656) - General minging (abusing body tool, NLR) (Extended due to current ban)

Staff Member: [FL] Kippsee

Involved users
chumps(requested an extension from a ban I had like 2 weeks ago)(when he was admin)

Why should you be unbanned?
hi basically i messed up and i admit to everything i done and i got a large ban but i fell like I've learned my lesion and i really want to experience the new map asap and i would also like to apologise to everyone involved as i know i messed up and i promise not to brake the rules again since i would like to avoid such large bans at all costs since my ban i have reread the rules and i think im ready to rp again(i have 26 days left) it was originally 30 i think 

4. Do not write an unban request if you know you've broken the rules.
Kind Regards,
Developer x Supervising Administrator

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