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As a truck driver, can I own a pistol/shotgun for selfdefence?
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If a cop is chasing after you whith a gun but dosent initiate a fearRP situation via voice or text chat are you still able to pull out a gun and kill the cop?
Are you in FearRP when a gun is pointed at you when you are inside the swat van and what would be the exception(s)?
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If I see a moderator wit their job title as moderator on duty can I player report them for FailRP as that is a FailRP job title.
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Does FearRP applies when u are in the swat van and cops/people aaim at u with a gun?
Is being a monarchy a rain to raid the Nexus and kill the risk family? Note: they have no dictator out restricting laws.
What does "minge grabbing" mean?
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(08-25-2016, 06:58 AM)Njperry50 Wrote: What does "minge grabbing" mean?

When someone takes items that were dropped on the ground for another player.
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Am I allowed to demote someone from SRU Sergeant / Police Sergeant / Vice for not changing theire own or the Team name after I asked them?
Becuase the Job name is OOC isn't it?
If someone were to Necropost, and you then comment on the post that they necroposted, would you get warned aswell?

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