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CityRP Rules

Server Rules

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The following rules define clearly what is and what is not allowed; this is required to maintain a semi-serious and realistic roleplay environment. We expect you to read all of the rules before playing. It may take a few minutes to read all of the rules, but the average ban is a lot longer than that. It's impossible to cover every single detail within the rules, so we expect you to use your common sense and not do questionable things or search for loopholes. If you aren't sure whether something is allowed or not, ask a staff member to clarify (@ command). All members of administrative staff are referred to throughout as simply 'admin'.

Remember, our roleplay (RP) is about recreating a lifelike civilization - your character is by default a functional member of society, so make your character behave realistically.

Rules may be altered to suit an event by administrators during special events hosted on the event server, or if an event is being held on the normal server (San Ranevo).

  • General Rules

    1.1 Using cheats, hacks, demos or abusing glitches will not be tolerated.
    1.2 Double-accounting (using another account to circumvent a punishment) is not allowed.
    1.3 Do not do anything to avoid a roleplay situation or punishment.
    1.4 Respect the staff's decisions. You may discuss about it privately and if you feel like your punishment is unfair, you can make an appeal on the forums.
    1.5 Scamming is not allowed. Also, do not steal items which other players have dropped to carry out a transaction.
    1.6 When requesting an admin only use @. You must provide relevant information and actual rule breakage, do not be aggressive or use caps-locked messages.
    1.7 If you see someone breaking the rules, try to warn them or contact an admin. Do not take the situation into your own hands, as that counts as Backseat Administrating.
    1.8 Do not reveal the presence of undercover admins to others on the server.
    1.9 Do not purposefully attempt to find loopholes in the rules.
    1.10 You are only required to provide a reason for your RP actions if a staff members asks.
    1.11 You cannot be discriminatory out of character in any form. You can do this in character with a intricate roleplay reason, in moderation.

  • Basic Roleplay Rules

    2.1 Extremist and Bomb roleplays are only allowed when they do not reference real-life extremism and you have admin permission.
    2.2 Do not Metagame, meaning you can't use OOC-obtained information IC. However, you may use a third-party software that Fearless is using as long as it is accompanied with voice transmission in-game.
    2.3 RapeRP is not allowed. This means that the act of rape may not be literally carried out by anyone, however, the crime of "rape" may be referenced or mentioned in detailed roleplay conversation if the accused person consents to it or if it's about a fictional character (for roleplay story purposes).
    2.4 Do not do unrealistic things out of context (FailRP). This includes things such as floating bathtubs and unrealistic car colours, unless there is a RP reason.
    2.5 Powergaming is not allowed, meaning you can't force people into situations, always try to do something, such as '/me tries to snap his arm' instead of '/me snaps his arm'.
    Also do not abuse something that gives you an advantage, such as changing jobs to buy something for yourself or switching jobs with the sole purpose of joining a raid.
    2.6 In character names should follow standard name types, such as forename, surname or a code name your character goes by. Names like 'I love chocolate' are not permitted.
    2.7 Your job does not mean you can break the rules. For instance, you can't create KOS laws as a President, abuse your spawn protection, or murder people just because you're in an underground job.
    2.8 Custom job titles must be realistic, specific and accurately state what character you intend roleplay. (Do not set your job as 'classifed' for example). If you wish to roleplay as something considered inhuman then it must require admin permission, unless it is hidden from public view.
    2.9 When running a casino (table) such as, but not limited to, roulette and blackjack, please make all players aware of how you play and how they can win and lose money. You must make players aware of the wagers and odds of their money on the table otherwise scamming rules apply.
    2.9a You cannot host a gambling game using external/third-party means. This includes, but is not limited to: Third-party Random Number Generators, real-life decks for in-game use, etc. You must use the in-game commands.
    2.9b You may only run a casino as a 'Citizen' with a custom job title. An exception to this is being a 'Security Guard', 'Chef' or 'Chauffeur' and working for the casino.

  • Combat Rules

    3.1 Do not harm/kill people randomly (RDM); you must have a valid roleplay reason (a person's job or being a criminal is not a valid reason), for example protecting your property during a raid.
    3.1a Violence should always be the last option.
    3.1b Do not jump or stand on anyone when they are in ragdoll mode.
    3.1c As an officer do not shoot vehicles unless lives are at risk, hot pursuit should be the first option.
    3.1d If you make a bounty/hitman contract, this also requires a valid reason. You're not allowed to kill a government member when you were arrested by them, unless you are a part of an underground group that can hire a hitman.
    3.2 You may only raid as the following jobs: Police, S.R.U, Corleone, Rebels and any custom jobs as a citizen that fits the roleplay situation for example, "Freedom Fighter".
    3.3 Do not use any form of weaponry without a valid roleplay reason.
    3.4 Do not shoot up/down elevator shafts. However, ladders are perfectly fine to attack people on, as it is an exposed area.
    3.5 You must follow FearRP by acting afraid of threatening situations that affect your own or accomplices' lives. To initiate FearRP have a weapon out and give out orders (text or voice).
    3.5a You cannot attack or draw a weapon on a person who has a gun pointed at you (as well as a stun gun or melee weapon at striking distance).
    3.5b You cannot run or drive away from someone when they have you at gunpoint. Exception: If you are in a vehicle and their weapon is a taser, FearRP does not apply. Exception: SWAT Van must be entered via the rear doors for FearRP to apply to its occupants.
    3.5c If someone switches from a gun to any kind of restraints in order to detain you, FearRP still applies.
    3.5d Do not run into or loiter around extremely dangerous or life-threatening situations (even to get to the weapons locker), such as a fire or raid, as a citizen or someone without the appropriate job.
    3.5e If you are in a clan and are being interrogated by your rivals in war time, you may break FearRP by not answering questions. However, you may be killed and you must leave the clan (you may join after the war if they are still running, as a new character).
    3.6 Actions taken by a player must reflect the consequences of death, imprisonment and loss of liberty realistically.
    3.7 Follow NLR (New Life Rule). If you die, you forget how you died.
    3.7a Even if you are informed about the situation in your new life, NLR still applies and you must follow the 10 minute NLR timer, unless given explicit permission from an administrator.
    3.7b You can't return to your death location, even if you want to get to another area (or retrieve your weapons from the locker).
    3.7c If you spawn in an area in which you died, you must leave it immediately and stay a good distance away.

  • OOC and IC chat rules

    4.1 In OOC chats, adverts, requests, job radios (not private radios) and broadcasts you must only speak in English; all other chats are international.
    4.2 Do not swear excessively, argue, insult, write caps-locked messages in OOC and when having a private OOC conversation, use the /pm command.
    4.3 You may only advertise in character services and they must be through IC communication (selling donator through OOC is the only exception), as well as being sent out only once per minute.

  • Tools and prop rules

    5.1 Props should be used for roleplay, using them otherwise could be considered abuse (examples of abuse are: using props to kill, spawning props in combat, prop spam, forgetting to delete your props, prop push, prop surf and prop block - there must be at least one entrance and all areas you are using should be accessible via keypads or buttons and blocking a spawnpoint).
    5.2 Do not build or spawn entities in areas you do not own unless given permission from the owner and don't block entities that are naturally spawning (the President being the owner of the Nexus and to build in public contact a member of staff).
    5.3 Do not try to get on to rooftops; do not build on them either (an exception being the Northview Studio - Rooftop, if it's a billboard or if it's a passive RP dupe with admin permission).
    5.4 Do not abuse your physgun, toolgun, props or any of the tools. This includes:
    using your physgun as a laser pointer; Camera spamming; Mic spamming (you must have a set up and make sure your volume isn't loud); Sleeping in areas you would not be able to otherwise; Using vehicle seats to reach places (you can however use your physgun to prop-push a stuck car if no admins are available and should be done carefully).
    5.5 All of your constructions must be realistically supported. This means no floating constructions (cameras included).
    5.6 Cameras should not be invisible or visually confusing.
    5.7Picture frames/billboards cannot contain pornographic/gore images and they should be treated in-character.
    5.8 Do not build more than 2 lockable custom doors leading to a single location. Your friends' doors are also counted, there should also be space between them of at least 2 metres (2 PHX units). Fading doors must have keypads and/or buttons on both sides, that are visible and easily accessible and should be open for a minimum of 5 seconds (doors from the door tool do not have to use keypads/buttons, as long as it can be breached with something).
    5.9 When basing, no-collided doors may only be actual door props. Otherwise, you must use a keypad or button in order to open it.
    5.10 Do not build custom doors behind an unownable door.
    5.11 Resized props must be used in a realistic way. This may mean they are to be used only inside of your roleplay dupe, or in some cases they may be used outside of this area so long as they maintain that realism and do not visually obstruct others.

  • Government Rules

    6.1 Once you become President, you must wait at least 15 minutes before becoming a Dictator.
    6.1a Do not ban things from the city without a proper roleplay reason or unrealistic things, such as breathing (you may only ban races from the Nexus, unless they are a government worker).
    6.2 You may only order an execution as a Dictator and you must have a valid roleplay reason (i.e. murder, you shouldn't order executions for small petty crimes).
    6.3 As a President, you are a very important person and therefore your life is of high priority, so stay out of dangerous situations (i.e, inspecting a crime scene or going outside without security).
    6.4 Do not randomly search a property; you must have probable cause. Some examples include: Gunfire heard or seen coming from within the property (i.e. contraband); Criminal activity visible on the property; A suspect on the property.
    6.5 You must have a search warrant from the President to search the property, unless the lives of officers or hostages are at immediate risk or you have seen a dangerous suspect retreating into a property.
    6.6 Do not abuse your tools.
    6.6a As a President, don't warrant players without a roleplay reason. Do not issue a lockdown without a reason and ensure you have ended it when appropriate.
    6.6b As a Fireman, do not use your fire axe to break into homes without a reason.
    6.6c As a Paramedic, only heal people if they request medical attention.
    6.6d As an Officer, do not steal cars when you are working for the government. You may impound a car when appropriate to be later given back in return for a fine or warning. Do not use the keypad cracker or lockpick when you are working for the government, follow the search warrant rules and use the arrest baton. An exception to this is in rule 6.5.
    Only use your stun gun with a valid roleplay reason (do not spam the stun and wakeup functions).
    6.7 You may build a roadblock while playing as a government member, with permission from the President. But, players must be able to break through the barricade with a vehicle.
    6.8 Police/S.R.U. may be corrupt, however the Police Sergeant and entirety of SRU cannot go undercover and you may only wear any other clothing or use non-government vehicles if you are undercover (do not actually ally with the underground jobs).
    6.9 Do not kill or injure any other government member.
    6.10 The Police Sergeant commands Police forces, and the S.R.U. Sergeant commands S.R.U., unless the President states otherwise. If you wish to join the Government as a custom job you must receive permission from the President with a pass at the nearest convenience.
    6.11 Do not kill unconscious bodies unless they pose a serious threat to your life and cannot be safely detained.
    6.12 As an SRU, do not perform any regular police duties. Your job is to respond to emergency calls where the police need backup, as well as protecting the Nexus and therefore the President's life.
    6.13 Custom groups may work with the government, but do not necessarily have to follow government restrictions and rules. An admin can force a custom group to abide by the government rules, if it is necessary for proper roleplay.
    6.14 As a Paramedic or Fireman do not go within a dangerous proximity to a raid in progress and do not destroy contraband, you must inform the police force.

  • Rebels/Mafia rules

    7.1 Do not kill or steal from your team members. However, as the leader, you may take the life of a member with a valid roleplay reason and you must actively take charge of your group.
    7.2 Different teams are created for a reason, so do not ally with other teams. For example, Rebels do not ally with Corleones.
    7.3 You must roleplay as your defined group in a realistic manner (i.e. the rebels may only use cheap items).

  • Crime Rules

    8.1 You can't commit crimes in public and you must have a valid roleplay reason (you can rob a store in public, if deemed safe to do so). Public locations are the city, Metro stations and Connectivity road.
    8.2 When mugging you can only steal up to $500 and you may not mug the same person twice within 15 minutes.
    8.2a If you are roleplaying that you are lying about having no money and the person searches you using roleplay communication, they must find money and so not handing over money is a FearRP violation.
    8.2b You may roleplay genuinely not having any cash if you actually do not have the cash they are asking for or if you're actively roleplaying as a poor person (i.e. homeless).
    8.3 You may steal vehicles (you can't steal someone's car when it's getting unlocked) to sell them back to the owners or other parties. When selling a stolen car, you must ensure that your buyer is aware that it's stolen and that this vehicle won't be theirs to unlock or store in their inventory. Car thieves need chop-shops, and burglars need places to store their stolen goods. Proper background RP draws the line between crime and rule-breaking.
    8.4 Roleplay burglary properly, don't use molotovs, assault rifles and don't use shotguns, you want to be as quiet as possible (keypad crackers are the only exception to this).
    Also, in general do not provoke the government into raiding you on purpose. As a criminal, you want to keep a low profile.
    8.5 You need a valid reason to raid, i.e contraband and burglary. You cannot raid the President solely to earn money, because of high taxes (unless it's above 20%), because you don't like certain laws (unless they drastically impact your character, cars being banned from the city is not a valid reason), because you were arrested or warned for your own actions, for being demoted or because their job is Dictator (this is Metagaming).
    8.6 Do not contra-base as any of the jobs listed: Government members, Citizen, Chauffeur, Delivery Driver, Chef, Security Guard, Doctor or Mechanic (an exception being a Citizen with a custom job that fits the roleplay situation).
    8.6a Do not contra-base together with different jobs (an exception being a citizen with a custom job, such as Rebel associate).
    8.7 You hostage players for a maximum of $2000, however it can't be without a valid roleplay reason or in public, you need a good reason and your character style needs to fit the roleplay situation.
    8.7a You can't call for a paramedic, fireman or chauffeur for help and hostage them.
    8.7b You must also look after them until they are released.
    8.8 Using restraints is only for taking a player hostage. For example, do not use restraints as a way to disarm somebody (as it is not realistic and counts as FailRP).
    8.9 Contraband may only be stolen from other people, purchasing or acquiring it by any other means is strictly prohibited.

  • Vehicle Rules

    9.1 Do not run people over on purpose (CDM), and always try to brake/avoid people on the roads. Call a paramedic (if available) when you've hit someone. The only exception to this being when you are in an active car chase, but you must call at your nearest convenience.
    9.2 Do not create, modify or add to vehicles without prior admin approval.
    9.3 Drive sensibly, do not spam your horn or drive recklessly by crashing into everything, this includes driving or spawning vehicles inside buildings, where they do not belong.

  • Base Rules

    10.1 The following buildings are prohibited from being a base or having the use of contraband in them:
    City BP, Outer BP, McDonald's, SanRanevo Customs, SanRanevo Showroom, All Pearl Plaza stores (Superstore also), Tuna Tuna Nightclub, Slums Shop, Slums Restaurant, Tides Hotel, Barracuda Building and free standing bases in any area within the city.
    10.2 Doomforts are not allowed, there must be a fair chance of victory for the attackers (keypads must have cover provided, corridors must fit two people if there is a shooting hole - slums corridor cannot be made smaller).
    10.2a Props should only be used as a realistic way to search cover. Do not give yourself an unfair advantage by using optical tricks (materials/colors/resizing that remove depth perception and angled props - one-sided textures are only allowed for windows and must not be used for a base to make it easier to shoot attackers and others).
    10.3 Walls used to surround a base can't be more than 4 metres tall (4 PHX units).
    10.4 Nexus defences are only permitted on the inside of the building and there must be an area to allow for the Nexus Desk Secretary to do their job.
    10.5 Bases must fit the roleplay of the situation. For example, poor characters cannot afford high-tech bases.
    10.6 Do not use the fading door tool to fade a prop away in order to shoot.
    10.7 Bases utilising the public area of Bluefin Suites is not permitted and bases within the building must be contained to their respective property.