Live server stats

Since December 2010 all players together spend 2638175 hours on the server, that is 109924 days or 301 years. The average amount of time a person is playing on CityRP is 19 hours.

All the Evocity citizens earned a total of $3,980,869,972. With that amount of money you can easily buy 3980 BMW GTRs. The average ingame wallet of a CityRP player contains $28,999. Already 137276 players joined our servers.
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The richest people of Evocity

Most Active

The most addicted players

Name Ingame Name Money
Ayatomi - The BeastCharles Stokes20,072,410
LudoForrest Rogers18,300,717
nevyVlad Vladimir12,373,303
[FL] ShadewMia Toretto10,806,927
[FL] JanJan Camorro10,046,969
WorldWideCoffeeSteve 'Coffee' Cole9,716,708
MainframeJefke Vermeulenbeek9,158,105
[FL] GenerationDirk 'Generation' Camorro8,295,273
SentinelHarambe Denino7,722,236
AudacterFrank 'Audacter' Drebin7,162,769
[FL] Lt.GrubJohn 'Grub' Marston6,860,074
LukePOpTiC PaMaJ6,728,147
|THE MAsk LST|Roman frasy6,414,621
HitmanJony 'Hitman' Ive6,387,924
Nico---473Nico White6,372,000
[L2] FaustieVic 'Huey' Fontaine6,241,431
[PN] BennyBruce 'Benny' Bennett5,971,195
SatisfactionSjon 'Satis' Mayhem5,906,092
WoodEdward Petersons5,734,829
MJLionel Messi5,611,306
Name Ingame Name Hours
[FL] SnowredWolfScotty McNod4531 hours
[L²] TemarTemar Radeik3781 hours
ViljoVasilli Pavlov3670 hours
HitmanJony 'Hitman' Ive3622 hours
[FL] BrikaasVladislav Stansladikov3411 hours
[FL] Lt.GrubJohn 'Grub' Marston3315 hours
BlackDogRonald''BlackDog''Lynch3288 hours
OusmnJuan 'Ousmn' Rodriguez3208 hours
Kawaiimr booty hamma-lamma-sharia Denino3112 hours
[FL] SoulRipperAdriano Valentino Catalano2974 hours
DecayOliver Jenkin2970 hours
xdxdxdAdrian 'equal' Camorro2882 hours
KuLaAlexander Lukashenko2880 hours
[L2] ObayRalpho Barzinio2852 hours
[FL] FeffeFreddie 'Feffe' Jay2817 hours
[L2] TheoIsaac 'Theo' Dispar2814 hours
[FL] BurnettMartin Gladson2814 hours
[FL:RP] ZambieWilliam Ashford2796 hours
PreditorTyrone Marlowe2781 hours
TempskiIvan Tempski2709 hours

RP points

Most awarded roleplayers

Admins excluded from list

Name Ingame Name Points
[FL:RP] LesankaEleanor Wright85
VauldVandermere Valencio79
[L2] FaustieVic 'Huey' Fontaine63
xdxdxdAdrian 'equal' Camorro57
[L2] RoloroxJason 'Rolo' Cutmore52
Killjoy 13Stanley Nicholson51
[FL:RP] PechvarryLloyd Pechvarry47
[L2] ObayRalpho Barzinio46
Kawaiimr booty hamma-lamma-sharia Denino45
[L2] Pinky The SnowmanHugo 'Pinky' Barzinio45
xanderJim 'Easy' Thompson44
[L2:RP] MustangBailey Stevens40
TheMJ | SRP:MJoshua Helinski39
AndreasShawn 'Andreas' Heyne38
WorldWideCoffeeSteve 'Coffee' Cole37
FalcBurrito Burrito37
PreditorTyrone Marlowe37
TomoThomas 'Tomo' O'Connor36
JamieRepairman Jim36
TheOnlyTerminMike Estrane36