And again all your replies prove my point you simply don't care about anything else other than the fact that you got the piece of evidence you wanted but you aren't willing to talk about the whole story
it's like helping someone rob a bank just to provide evidence that he robbed a bank.

You are all at fault for having the convo in the first place and the fact that you edited the narrative to make it 1 sided is where you are extra wrong and in my opinion, he shouldn't be banned if you arent too for having the convo in the first place then again you edited it in a way to make him look guilty and you are innocent when in reality you are all guilty for having the convo and you are EXTRA guilty for literally tampering with the evidence to try to get someone you have been complaining about to look like they are to blame and that is why its unfair in my opinion
I don’t prove any of your points, the first PR contains the whole story why don’t you go read that instead of making up your own “points” all you have is past gaming experiences that are completely irrelevant to this situation and your opinions that are not only wrong but also completely irrelevant. You also weren’t even there so the fact that your even trying to change things up is the most irrelevant thing you’ve done and it’s simply not gonna happen. Nothing you say is relevant. Your trying to defend your racist friend and make it seem like it’s ok because the full story wasn’t recorded. Even if it was fully recorded. Nothing he said would justify how racist he was. Whether it was an “example” or not. It would still contain him saying what he said. It’s still racist regardless and against the rules.  Your basically saying “it’s ok he was racist because the whole situation wasn’t recorded”. Which doesn’t justify it at all. Now your saying he shouldn’t even be banned? Now your really wrong and it’s best you just remove yourself considering you weren’t involved or apart of this to begin with.
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closing this until someone can take the time to look at it
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I will lift the ban, however it will stay on record.

I am willing to give BOD, but in the future, consider how you word examples.

Consider giving me a rep point here.

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