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Hey!! For some reason the advanced dupes i have saved does not show up in the "manage dupes" here on the website... Any clue to why and how i can fix it Smile 

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If it is not showing on the manage dupes you most likely havent saved it properly on the main/build server.

Can you share a screenshot of what your ingame adv dupe manu looks like please.

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Have you maybe saved it to the public area of advanced dupe?
[Image: usoTLuZ.png]
Sometimes, when you save dupes it doesn't actually save to your folder. You have to keep trying till it eventually shows up in your folder. The save icon and percentage will pop up but sometimes it wont actually save. Always make sure it saves properly into your folder before leaving or deleting the dupe. 

Have you double checked that your dupes have saved properly, in your folder on main/build?
If you cannot find it anywhere it might be lost to. Does this happen every single time you save? Or just this specific set of advanced dupes?
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Kay thanks! They eventually showed up... guess something was just off...

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(Thanks Chumps!)

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