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Purge Night
[Image: 0a9d3405d15823ac1b0f3cf4d67ab8ca.png]

Good evening everyone,

 We are going to be doing a Purge Night to test out our edited CW 2.0 weapons that we are looking into bringing onto the server. The best way possible was to have a classic Purge Night to showcase and test these weapons with everyone on the server. All feedback from this event will be taken down so if you would like to see change with these weapons please keep a watchful eye as to how everything goes with these weapons and provide us with the feedback we need to properly fix these weapons to make them successful on the servers. We thank everyone ahead of time who can make it to this event and help us with this update.

The event will be hosted on rp_evocity_v2d, and there will be drawn some spaces as to where you may base.

DATE: Sunday March 29th, 2020
MAP: rp_evocity_v2d
TIME: 18:00 GMT (You can arrive at 17:00 GMT to build)

How the event will work

This event will have multiple stages which will give you a fresh life and possibly only limit you to certain weapons. The first couple rounds we plan on doing a random number generator to give each player a different weapon, then afterwards allow everyone to select which they would like. This will give us the maximum amount of testing with the fairness of not forcing select teams into harder scenarios. As this is hosted on the event server you will NOT lose any weapons you die with on the main server. The objective is to be the last team standing at the end of the round(s). However, this does not mean you should camp solely in your base; excessive camping within the base when no-one is attacking will result in repercussions to your team as a result. You can either be a 'Roamer' or 'Baser'. A roamer allows you to have an additional player and a designated tank (one user gets a riot shield). However, you get no base as a result. You could, however, opt to be a Baser which allows you to make a custom defense for your designated choice however you don't get a riot shield nor an additional player. Just because you're a Baser does NOT mean you cannot move out of your compound to attack. This is always encouraged. As a side note to people who don't have a team. If you show up on the night of the event without a team you will be fitted into a team by one of the staff, this means that everyone can join. This also means if a team is missing a player because they had to opt out last second, they will have a chance to get another player in their team.

To apply you have to copy the right form and fill it in through a reply on this thread. First come first serve.

Any further questions can be asked on the thread.

Good luck Purgers, 
I hope God is with you.

Spoiler :
[Image: 2543e722d8d0841ba67a95a6528709df.png]

Applying for a spot
When you want to apply for a spot you need to meet certain criteria, they will be listed underneath.

  • You must have a team of 4 people

  • You can only use 60 props for your base

Rules of the Event
For the event to be balanced and fair for the aggressive RP, there will be set certain extra rules, and some will be rewritten. Other normal rules like Prop rules etc. still apply.

New Rules;
  • You can only spawn your base once for an entire round, if it gets destroyed you will have to wait till next round.

  • The City is a Safe Zone with a built-in gate, you are not allowed to have combat here.

  • Once you die, your NLR will last till the round is over and one team has won.

  • You do not have to stay low as a Criminal, as this is the Purge and everything now goes around to surviving. 

  • You're not allowed to ally with any other teams, doing so will result in both teams disqualified from the round.

  • It is not allowed to excessively camp your base. You still need to attack people instead of being sat in your base forever. This is to make sure that people try out both defending and attacking. Defending your base from a raid does not count as camping. 
Bended Rules;

  • There is nothing known as RDM, you may kill anyone who is not on your team.

You can also choose not to have a base, but then you can only use an unclaimed spot like the MTL or Motel, or custom-built places by [FL] Fultz. You are not allowed to build as a roamer, but you will receive an extra spot on your team. The criteria are as follows:

  • You must have a team of 5 people

  • You need to assign someone as a tank (Guy who receives a Riot Shield)

  • You need to set your own spawn point where you want to start out.

Application process for Basers


Team Name:

Team Captain:

Team Players (Max. 4):

Team Model (Include the Model Path):

Which spot are you applying for:

Application process for Roamers


[b]Team name:[/b]

[b]Team Captain[/b]:

[b]Team Tank :[/b]

[b]Team Players:[/b]

[b]Team model (include model path):[/b]

[b]Which spawn point would you like to have?:[/b]
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didn't this happen a couple weeks ago?
Event Coordinator

[Image: tYKyA9qw_o.png]
[Image: logo.png]
Sayeret Tzanhanim

Cpt. Konsta
Grape, GHOSTK1LLER, Dimitris, JackZ
Model: Default SRU models custom green coloured uniforms with black balaclava
Base of Operations: 7, UM.
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(03-20-2020, 09:02 PM)Zombie Wrote:
[Image: logo.png]
Sayeret Tzanhanim

Cpt. Konsta
Grape, GHOSTK1LLER, Dimitris, JackZ
Model: Default SRU models custom green coloured uniforms with black balaclava
Base of Operations: 7, UM.

(03-20-2020, 06:10 PM)Ryan¹ Wrote: didn't this happen a couple weeks ago?

We're testing new guns, etc. Check the latest N&A thread on Event Coordinators for more info!
[Image: f2kzlKW.png]
Why on a Sunday?

[Image: MiVI2ol.png]
Thanks to @Envy
If anyone wants I'm looking for a team
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Can a passive shop-kepper like myself able to take part??
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Anyone fancy joining together drop me a PM Smile
Pending 6 players or less to show up

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