A wild Tree had appeared again
Good day, lads.

Hope you all are doing fine out there during quarantine and this rough time. I decided to start my gmod again while stuck at home, and return back to the server. Already seen lots of people I remember from back in the day. 
For the ones that do not know me that well. I'm MrTreeGames, mainly a passive government roleplayer. I've joined Fearless back in september 2014, currently have almost 1000h. I've had some breaks here and there to focus on school, but since I am now old enough to decide my life, no-one will ever tell me again to stop gaming because I have to focus on mathematics. 

Greetings, and hoping to see you all on the server.

PS: freaking hell got to search for my signature again.
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Give green to Tree
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Welcome back!
Hey pal!
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Welcome back, I remember you. You should probably try to find a balance between the both :-)
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Welcome back sir
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Oh shit! Welcome back my fellow politician!
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I remember you from 2014, welcome.
Welcome back Tree!
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Welcome back!
Welcome back Tree. Always remember you as a good police RP'er.
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