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Remove job titles
Yeah guys this is not a suggestion though Big Grin
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If there somehow is a good solution to stop the metagaming with the colour/name of somebody's job title and still be fully functional for the merchants or members of the government then i'm all for that.

As there is no good solution to this problem yet i stay neutral.
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I've put up a suggestion connected to this "problem".

So true regarding the metagaming.
I think undercover cops should be seen as normal citizen in the tab list and the jobtitle shouldnt be blue... Would be way better
I think this is leaning more towards Serious RP.
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(01-22-2020, 09:09 PM)SoulRipper Wrote: I think this is leaning more towards Serious RP.

Depends on how it is done, but potentially yeah. It is however one of the only solutions towards metagaming, which is pretty much everywhere nowadays. I'd rather do this and lean a bit towards serious RP if it means the quality of roleplay also goes up due to less people metagaming. Undercover officer is almost impossible to pull off as it's so easy to just press tab and check who is and who isn't one or even just hover over their name. Raids are also a game of just checking if you have more people than them and who they have by checking jobs. I don't really see any harm in trying something like this, because ultimately if it improves quality of roleplay and people want it then it would be a beneficial addition. This would force people to actually plan ahead and do things such as scout out places before raiding or allow undercover officers to infiltrate criminal groups.

I don't think it'll be as serious RP if only some jobs are hidden. For example, undercover cops, criminals and citizens/custom jobs should all be together while the rest of the government and merchant roles should stay on the scoreboard as they currently are. Merchant roles are useful on the scoreboard as people can contact them if they need items, while this is borderline metagaming it's beneficial for both players and I don't see any reason to restrict anything here. Government should also display everyone but undercover officers as information like this should be publicly available anyway and players would be able to check the amount of officers using the maximum team count so it wouldn't be that big of an issue for things like raids. Fake officers should also appear in the police category but not on the database to improve their roleplay too.

I think there's quite a few ways this can be done which would reduce metagaming but not go head first into serious-RP, it's just something that needs a lot of thought put into it to make sure it benefits the server.

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(01-22-2020, 09:09 PM)SoulRipper Wrote: I think this is leaning more towards Serious RP.

i want serious rp

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I tried to push a couple suggestions for serious RP, with different ideas, doubt this will happen.

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