Gamemode Make tazers more realistic
Title of Suggestion: Make tazers more realistic

Make the tazer realistic.

the tazer is currently really unrealistic and annoying, instead of that automatic tazer giving you 300 chances to hit the person make it 3 chances. you get 3 shots and the sound should be remade due to its boring sssss sound when you shoot, should make a loud pop.
would add a lot of realism.
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-Support - Sounds more annoying
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It can already be difficult to hit someone if they are running from you, this will only make it even more difficult. Besides, when the new model was implemented, this exact suggestion was attempted, and it proved too difficult to get it working properly, so was scrapped.
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tasers are fine
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-supp, police are already ludicrously underpowered

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(01-14-2020, 12:56 PM)Forgee Wrote: -supp, police are already ludicrously underpowered
 no u are underpowered 

-Supp, not needed makes it way too difficult for players with terrible aim, like me!
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If you can read this you're a coon
-Support, as all others have already stated, Would be too annoying.

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thanks Envy

My aim already sucks ass, this would make it impossible to catch anyone.
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Before the tazer got seriously updated, what you sre suggesting here was the reality. It wasn’t very pleasureable and I would not recommend going back to it. However some kind of nerf that doesn’t make it atrocious to use I would be more open to support.
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