Good evening everyone.

It might’ve been apparent to most of you that my activity has dropped a lot, and that I’ve become more and more inactive, and I feel it’s time that I will be honest with you guys. I’ve recently begun to lose my interest in playing FL after connecting with old IRL mates again, playing all sorts of different games with them. I am therefore prioritizing playing and enjoying my time with them. I’m glad I’ve been given the opportunity once again to become a part of the staff team. I’ve played on FL for over 4 years now, and with thousands of hours gained on here, I simply have lost my interest to play. It’s been a super long run, and I’ve done all sorts of different roleplays with loads of people and experienced a lot of things here.

With that said, let’s get to the more boring part. Obviously this is my resignation, and I couldn’t have chosen a better community back when I joined, as I’ve created long-term friends on here that I personally would call close (hi Ranger). I felt that with playing with everyone that I have, I’ve learnt a lot from them, and had moments where I was absolutely shitfaced, though still having a good laugh with them. They know who they are. (Hello Ceasar).

With that said, this is my goodbye, and I wish everyone all the best, even though I’ve had many discussions with different kinds of people, I’ve always had a good time. I hope everyone sees it the same way as I do. I’ll still be available on Discord and alike if anyone needs me, but I will be extremely inactive in regards to FL as I’ve lost my interest. It was a fun time playing with everyone, and I guess I’ll see you all around till next time.
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not epic
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*visible sadness*
Kind Regards,
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Oh well

Despite our disputes I wish you all the best for your future, Jonas!
Nerfs me then buggers off, not very classy.

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not epic

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Cya around man, good luck wherever life takes you <3
Kind Regards,
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This is a sad moment for us gaymers
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Was a pleasure spending time with you in this server. You have a good one buddy Smile
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