99 problems
Steam Name: 99 problems

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:96515486

BanID: 66300

Ban Reason
Exploiting Clan System // Informed staff about it // Double Accounting // Main of Spers

Staff Member: NightHawkd

Involved users
Myself and the people in the clan exploit.

Why should you be unbanned?
I informed staff about our exploit and got 2months ban, but as I coudnt wait for my ban to be over I doubleaccounted, which was stupid but I was young and stupid back then. 
(short version).

almost 5 years have went by, as I just thought of fearless and how cool it could be to play on their servers again. 
Ofc I have grown since all of this :-).
I can understand your decision either way.
As per the recent ban lift we will be approving your UBR.
Kind Regards,
Fearless Veteran

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