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Daily Challenges
[Image: McjHpf7.png]

Daily Challenges

Hey Fearless,

today I'm releasing another requested update: Daily Challenges. I doubt there is much to explain, you login in every day, you get three challenges, you complete a challenge, you get a reward.
You can have up to 3 challenges simultaneously, however, sometimes you may wish to not complete a challenge, e.g. because you don't like role-playing as a Chef.
In this case, you are able to remove the challenge, and thus clear the slot for a new challenge to take its place the next day.

You can find the challenges under the new Challenges section in the F1 Menu:

Spoiler :
[Image: UNmWW3B.png]

Note: This menu may look way shittier if you are playing on the default branch. I recommend switching to the x86-64 - Chromium branch,

as it gives a massive FPS boost and lets the menu look good!

➥ Rewards & Streaks

There are currently 26 different challenges, all giving $5,000 (disregard the screenshot above) as a reward.

There is also another reward system: Streaks!
Streaks are basically the number of challenges in a row.
If you don't play for a day, the streaks are reset. And if you don't complete a challenge, streaks are reset aswell.

After you reach a certain amount of streaks you'll get a special and unique reward. These rewards aren't public tho. ;)

➥ Credits

TASSIA - Spending Christmas developing this update, crying multiple times due to weird bugs occurring
Jonas - Giving a lot of feedback and suggesting many ideas
RiNO - Testing, finding quite a lot of bugs and giving feedback, huge thanks to you!
Ducktard - Testing and giving feedback
Pollux - Testing and giving feedback
Naisu. - Testing and giving feedback
Kind Regards,
Retired Developer
Fearless Developer & Contributor Liaison

[Image: arny_gay.gif]

Fearless Developer

[Image: qvxPwmM.gif]
[Image: edfa8a344463b04e45f386ad4525099e.png]
Nice, Nice
[Image: NkvEySV.png]
Nice one mate

Kind Regards,
Peter White
Fearless Teacher

Epic, we really needed this.
ok this is cool
[Image: 11jyMmO_d.jpg?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&fidelity=medium]
richie the graphical god
Great job, I love it!
[Image: giphy.gif]
you have to spend more money on ecm jammers than you would get from the real challenge, raise the rewards maybe.
[Image: gn3iiwj]

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