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Forum Crackdown
[Image: announcement.png]

Greetings Fearless,
I am pleased to announce that we have updated the forum rules.
It has been noted that the forums has been toxic for quite sometime and while we have focused on amending the server rules and looking at the severity of certain levels of ToS, it is quite clear that the forum side of things has been ignored for too long.
Since the survey the team has put in the effort to amend the forum rules, as well as adjusting our warning systems altogether.
The rules haven't just been added to, we have removed unnecessary rules, contradictions and also compiled the rules in hopes to make it less of an intimidating read and also easier to go through for newer players. For the older players who are confused about the changes, there will be an easy to read layout of the changes made available on this thread.
Along with these changes, as a team we will be cracking down on toxic forum behaviour more sharply than we have done before, ensuring that the forums can return to a more welcoming environment.
The changes to the warning system are as follows:
Spoiler :
Advertising - 2 points, 1m | the same
Arguing with moderators/administrators after having received a warning - 1 point, 1w | 2 points, 1m
Backseat Administration - 1 point, 1m | the same
Insulting/acting disrespectful opposite the staff - 3 points, 3m | The same
Insulting/Disrespectful post - 2 points, 1m | 3 points, 1m
Necroposting - 1 point, 2w | 2 points, 1m
Not using an appropriate, descriptive subject when posting - 1 point, 1w | The same
Not using the template - 1 point, 1w | The same
Other 1 point - 1 point, 1m | The same
Other 2 points - 2 points, 1m | The same
Other 3 points - 3 points, 1m | The same
Posting a duplicate suggestion - 1 point, 1m | The same
Posting a second unban request shortly after the first one was denied - 3 points, 1m | The same
Posting an excessive amount of images in a thread/post - 1 point, 1w | The same
Posting consistently to the wrong forum/category - 1 point, 1w | The same
Posting in a thread when not involved - 3 points, 2w | 3 points, 1 month
Posting in a thread without the sufficient right - 5 points, 2w | The same
Posting invalid admin abuse case - 5 points, 1m | The same
Posting multiple unban requests for the same ban - 2 points, 1m | 3 points, 1m
Posting offensive text, images or links - 2 points, 1m | 3 points, 1m
Posting sexual content - 3 points,  3m | 4 points, 3m
Posting to increase your post count - 1 point, 1m | 2 points, 1m
Posting Warez - 2 points, 1m | The same
Racism - 3 points, 3m | The same
Spam - 1 point, 1m | 2 points, 1m
Using a too big picture/more than one in the signature - 1 point, 1w | The same
The changes to the rules take place immediately. Please read them so you know what you are in your right to post and what you are not.
Here is a google doc of the draft, highlighting all the changes:
Feel free to discuss the rules amongst yourselves, we're open to any suggestions!
Many thanks,
Divey & Tomo
Supervising Administrators,
As well as,
The Fearless Team
Fearless Developer & Contributor Liaison

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Time to get the old whip out of storage
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What does arguing mean?
Encouraging, just check my forum profile notes hahahah!

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I assume "Sufficient right to post" has some nuance in regards to whether the post is clear troll or someone genuinely trying to support a case without being involved?
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Thanks to Envy for the signature.

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Hold up, Invalid AA? Care to elaborate on that one?
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