Reported User(s): LazyBlue

Reported User's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:77377710

Date & Time (GMT): 10/11/19 @ 12:28 GMT

Summary of the incident
I acendently crash my back in the cop car drove after me i drove away a red car drove changed direction to me i tryd to go around him he had the same idea wantet to use cpr kid out of kindnes but First of all i had a weapon equipt and  the cop drove still after me so i was fleeing and he opend fire i shot back

As you can see this guy crashed his car while he was rekless driving, so after that i chased him and he crashed into another car and someone died. So I got my gun out and I did aim a gun and told him to pull over and get out of the car he was still driving away from me and to prove that you can see he was about to stop his car in the gas station to fix it but when he saw me he started to speed up I can understand from watching the video that he didnt hear me because I was a bit far but thats why I started to shoot him and the moment he did stop the car and went out I stopped to shoot in that point you can see in his video he broke fear rp in the second time im aiming on him with my m4 and I stopped the shooting because he did stop the car and went out and when I was about to arrest this guy he pulled out his shotgun and broke fear rp I dont know what to say about his "rp knowledge" I guess they are the same as his "shooting skills" both of them are bad.

Did U even have seen the vid ?
Was the man who went flying and died btw xx

Was defo random shooting lol, the we both swerved into one another i dont think reckless driving is a reason to shoot instantly man didnt even pursuit
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but also just a king!
Just to make it clear I didnt shoot because he was reckless driving I did shoot because when I aimed on him and said to him to get out he continue drive your own record show that you were about to stop in the gas station and when I pulled out a gun you started driving away and I was aiming on you so try another excuse...

so u admit that u are shooting at a car that u dont know and could also be unarmed AND its Still not a reason to shoot me ... and u tankt 3 direkt hit with a m3 trust me u were lucky
I did shoot the car for a good reason because when a cop chasing you and tells you to stop your car after you have been involved with 2 accidents in short time and still you dont stop the car I do have the premission to open fire for my safety and the safe of evo city citizens. If you check your video the moment you stopped the car I stopped shooting as well then I had a gun aimed on you, then you pull out your shotgun and thats a fear rp rule that broken by you, am I right my friend? ofc I am
(btw what is direkt tho?)

LIKE U SEEE that i didnt head anything or else u i nerver was under fear rp there was no thread to me just wehn u were shooting u tryd to rdm i wont discuss it anymore i know what i am doing but it look like that u dont under stand the rules consider reading them
I will review the evidence now, please don't make any further comments.
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When Jhayw crashed into Highway it was obviously an accident, there was nothing intentional about it. Pursuits should always be the first option as well as violence should be the last as per rule 3.1a.

LazyBlue will receive a 2-hour weapons blacklist.

Thanks for your report.
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