Kenta, iso kalu69
Reported User(s): Kenta, iso kalu69

Reported User's SteamID: See below.

Date & Time (GMT): 11/10/19 @ 21:45 GMT

Summary of the incident
Accused players:
- Kenta (STEAM_0:1:208316327)
- iso kalu69 (STEAM_0:1:439404702)

Both players were basing with contraband in the vault of Barracuda Building as rebels.
They also had WAY TOO MANY fading doors.

While the props were only owned by Kenta, the second accused player was basing with him.


(Sound is non-existent as ShadowPlay decided to let me down on this one  Sad )

A short pte blacklist will be issued for the breach of basing rules. With regards to contraband, I will refer the accused to rule 10.1 for future reference, this time it is only a warning.
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