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Gamemode Customisable Notes
Title of Suggestion: Customisable Notes

The ability for the player to change the appearance of Notes

The /note command has remained untouched for a long time and I think its due for an update.

With the addition of many Note props, I think there are more suitable models than the existing one.

This got me thinking about when you create a Note, a menu would appear that enables you to select the appearance of the note depending on what RP your doing.

For example, you would select the playing card option if you were doing a Casino.

Example of suitable props:
Spoiler :
[Image: I9fZeL1.jpg?1]

Kind Regards,
Peter White
Fearless Teacher

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Spoiler :
[Image: TsrRpPm.png]
Kind Regards,
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I might have talked about this with you? If not, deja vu.. I had an idea for something similar with different preset props (to prevent abuse) that you could set with /notemodel or something similar.

+support, it should be pretty easy to do

Consider giving me a rep point here.

Fearless Teacher

[Image: tYKyA9qw_o.png]
+support, I like the idea. Makes sense as well.
Kind Regards,
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yes epic +support
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[Image: source.gif]

Will make RP's more realistic.

[Image: ZQIUTVP.png]
Thanks to Envy
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Don't see anything against this.

Kind Regards,
Fearless Developer

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