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Rules to stop tow truck abuse
Title of Suggestion: Rules to stop tow truck abuse

Stop tow truck abuse such as being able to use it to get into persuits.

The vehicle can only be stopped by spike strip, and it seems FailRP for mechanics to be constantly getting into persuits with no good RP reason.

Consider giving me a rep point here.

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So if someone steals a tow truck, does that mean that the police cannot pursue it?
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or you could just limit the speed
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yeah cant we just make it so it doesnt go the same speed as a mclaren lol
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+ Support

Maybe change the weight on it? Like it should still have more weight then the regular cars.

Or just change the speed limit on it. maybe 50-55mph?

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Thanks to Envy
+Support that thing needs rules
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I've seen tow truck chases last way longer than any other vehicle with maybe an exception to a few truck and RV chases, people will literally just spawn it in to get into a chase
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Let us abuse it
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just change speed lol -support

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