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Reported User(s): [FL:RP] Conntributor

Reported User's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:39143054

Date & Time (GMT): 12/9/19 @ 19:50 GMT

Summary: [Unfair Arrest/Avoiding Roleplay] I've towed a police vehicle cause it was in the middle of the road, So I moved it to our shop so that we could PM the owner about moving their vehicle.

Before we could do any of that a massive gunfight happend cause a rebel was in our place with an AK-47 (That's why there are so many cops all of a sudden)

After the whole gunfight that's where the video starts.

You towed a Police vehicle, which you had no right to do, and then both of you wouldn't tell me who owned the vehicle, so I arrested you both. Arrests are IC too

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We were roleplaying, but you just didn't have ANY patience and instantly arrested us which wasnt gonna get you your vehicle back.
Just roleplay and deal with the situation.

Reason for towing (In the middle of the street completely blocking it. [No Emergency Lights showing])
[Image: i5sEbH9.png]
I was responding to an emergency at the time, lights not on admittedly, although you don't have a right to tow any vehicle you wish to as a mechanic because you think it's infringing upon the laws.

Consider giving me a rep point here.

Arrests are typically dealt with In-Character, even if you dislike the reason for the arrest.


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