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Passive [Unverified] Shelby Limited
[Image: hLR5gL5.png]
The Shelby Family, also known as - the leaders of Peaky Blinders, have established a firm in San Ranevo containing several market plans and potential businesses. The Family have made a political involvement in the city, as well as, a much greater financial involvement.

Shelby Limited is an enterprise, which is going to involve several big businesses within, where all are secured by order of the Peaky Blinders and under the leadership of The Shelby Family. This will open up doors for investments, a rise in market value for the franchises in the city and a richer San Ranevo.

The different kinds of companies and businesses ran by Shelby Limited will always be available in here, and will be fully updated from time to time, with always new possibilities for expansion and growth.

Shelby Limited are opening up doors for potential employees in our businesses, with an improved wage, luxurious work, valuable network and professional outlook.
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[Image: mXGfkXW.png]
The Shelby National Bank is now OPEN.
Perfection is never found. We believe the search for perfection is ongoing. We don’t believe in the "If it’s not broken, don’t fix it” way of doing things. We’re always looking for the hidden issues, the background problems that aren’t always evident.

Improving our bank allows us to better serve and help build smart successful businesses. We lead strategic, purposeful meetings with our leadership on a constant basis, always identifying ways to be an even better financial resource for our customers and our community. These improvements are always being made through our relationships and growth with our processes, our employees, and our customers.

At the Shelby National Bank we strive to be the most cherished banking brand and banking experience in the region. People are important to our organization — our team, the people we serve, and our community.
[Image: Kevin-Johnson-Signature.png]
[Image: bCDVs5r.png]
We offer safe banking, meaning that we store your money in our 100% safe vault and the money will always be there for deposits.
[Image: Yqv1Kfu.png]
We offer loans on up to $200.000, with an interest rate based on the pay-back time, contact the local bank at the time for more information.
[Image: Jjdkykh.png]
Does your business need funds for a start-up? Are you a personal investor who are looking for growth and investment possibilities? We offer investments, wether you are have a business that needs funds or an individual who are looking for a new project.
Current loans:
Current Investments:

Do you want to work with us?
Come by to one of our companies and ask for a meeting with Kevin Shelby - they will help you directly.
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This is super cool
Kind Regards,
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[Image: hLR5gL5.png]
Shelby Limited has now been valued at $20.000.000 and the opening of shares for sale consisting of 40% of the company, being open now for potential investors.

40% of Shelby Limited is now unlocked for investors, meaning a total of $8.000.000 can be bought and the chance to become an official partner with the company is now here.

These shares will give a payment, twice a month, every two weeks - based on the company's total revenue. These shares includes a total share consisting the whole Shelby Limited and every business being opened under the name 'Shelby'.

Shelby Limited was valued at $20.000.000 due to the following calculations;

The internal factors - historical financials, existing assets, track records, culture & strategy, future assets and forecast financials.

The external factors - competition and market.

If you wish to purchase and negotiate to become a potential partner, contact us through this thread and I, Kevin Shelby, will contact you regarding further information.
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[Image: Kevin-Johnson-Signature.png]


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