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Ryan Stealth
Reported User(s): Ryan Stealth

Reported User's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:73821932

Date & Time (GMT): 11/9/19 @ 21:48 GMT

Summary of the incident
Dc/ed to avoid arrest

Naisu have a look at yourself...

You've been constantly bugging us on the server arresting us multiple times without a valid reason.
We've requested admin help but they we're busy with their RP.

Thank god a friend of mine was recording your actions.

You jump of the fence immediatly to just taze me and arrest without questions asked (15 min 9/10 times)

And ofcourse you're only gonna post the console stuff, cause you know you're in the wrong if you'd post a video.

Video 1:
You shot my SWAT van than drove off and came back few mins later? So i tazed you to arrest you?

Evident from the console logs provided that the user DC'd to avoid arrest.
Kind Regards,
Fearless Administrator

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RedPanda look at the video please.
(09-10-2019, 10:12 PM)RyanStealth Wrote: RedPanda look at the video please.

The video doesn't work.

7.  Do not post in a player report after the report has been either approved or denied by a trial administrator. When the player report report has been concluded, an administrator will close and move the report. 
Kind Regards,
Fearless Administrator

Did I help you today? +Rep
The video was up, but you just approved the ban request immediatly without looking at my evidence.
Once again a link here:
Moved, In future do not post after a member of staff has concluded the report.

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