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Falc is here
Hi guys thinking about logging into the server and maybe playing once or 5 times a week, probably won’t do this so I won’t make a newcomers thread.

What are my odds of being staff again??
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100% possibility of getting staff again
trust me, I've done the math
deffo 95%
Falcao you sexy fuck 100%
[Image: QKxTx8d.png]
Fuck off Samzo
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ex-fearless radio roleplayer returns to scream swearwords down microphone while holding down left mouse
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fuck sake Sad

Welcome back!¬
i won't let this corrupt anti-staff man back on the team no no no
Fearless Veteran
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Seems like I have many friends here still, might see you tonight might not..

Decided against staff, instead I will develop new guns for FL!!!

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