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A farewell to my position.
Hello Fearless community. I’ve been with this server since 2012, I’ve seen entire staff teams come and staff teams go. Well, now it’s my time to leave. While I do some background shit as an admin, most of you probably have noticed my lack of existence on the game servers. This is due to my waning interest in this old gamemode, the general direction of the community, and overall just the sheer amount of stuff I am dedicated to in reality. I have a job, full time uni, extra obligations, and I just haven’t been playing games like I used to.

I’ll still be active on the forums, however I still want to thank everyone for enjoying this all with me. I’ve had a blast doing events and generally fuckin around with all you, and I just hope that the care-free attitude that fearless used to have, and the attitude I tried to have when I was on, isn’t lost forever. 

You, the community, have more control than you think, as the admin team bases everything they do on the current meta of the gamemode, and the actions players take. Most of the staff team isn’t this corrupt entity trying to bring down the community whenever possible. Never be afraid to make your voices heard on what you want, and don’t be afraid to bring up ideas you think others will shoot down. Making noise is the best way to get results, just remember that.

I guess that is all I have to say. I’ve gone through these inactivity phases before, so odds are I will be back again, eventually. Again, thank you, the Fearless community, for everything.


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Yes good
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much good
Kind Regards

That guy. Ive resigned from contributor 4 times now.
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(08-27-2019, 12:26 AM)Pat Wrote: Yes good
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much good
Kind Regards,
Fearless Donator
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Sad to see you leaving the GMod side of things, MasterNoda.

Probably don't remember me back in the day, but if I remember correctly, you were a DJ for FLRadio, and you were a great guy. Good luck with future endeavours!

Consider giving me a rep point here.

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Thank you Noda and I hope that you have much success in life.

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It is shit though. Bye, Noderman.
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Bye man thanks for being there and looking out for the community. Still miss that zombie spider mini event you did back in 2016.
pls rep so i can be famous like soulripper
Take care & best of luck to you in life

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