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Portino - Beach Penthouse *SOLD OUT*
[Image: sNvy0sf.png]
Coconut Realestate is presenting its first luxury listing in San Ranevo city.
Portino Haus.
 The property is a bespoke modern apartment located on the beach, over looking the Ferris wheel and the ocean.
The apartment is perfect for:
- Entertaining friends
- Clan / Group meetings
- Private Gambling
- Or relaxing by yourself.
The property has exactly 40 entities, so prop extension won't be required. 
[Image: HhhYERj.jpg]
[Image: yBDlZS8.jpg]
To view the interior:
Contact me via Discord or leave a message to arrange a private viewing. Serious buyers only.
You will then receive and invitation.
Starting price: $200,000
[Image: tumblr_mgc3ejUXKZ1s28zj8o1_500.gif]
b i t  o f  a  r i p o f f .

     [Image: ZOfygkU.png]
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I think there is a few to many zeros on there
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Looks like the starship from Star Wars.
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Its like you just said "Fuck Gravity" and started building
[Image: coolshibe2.png]
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As a bit of advice, a house will almost never sell for $1.5m. I have seen some of the grandest mansions and they probably would only sell for up to $800k.

Keep up the good stuff though!
[Image: get.php?s=STEAM_0:0:6004779&b=5]
holy moly that’s quite a large quantity of cash dollar
Fearless Teacher

[Image: tYKyA9qw_o.png]
I'm not interested in that at the moment, but I'm sure other people will! (Just a tip: as Noidz said most of the grandest mansions only really sell for 800,000$, but that doesn't mean someone would still be interested!) Good luck
[Image: nULuRA4.gif]
I’ll buy it right now 150k
[Image: aplodua57b7.png]
Holy shit that's a lot of ca$h
[Image: giphy.gif]

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