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Reported User(s): SpaghettiFTW

Reported User's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:76673673

Date & Time (GMT): 15/8/19 @ 15:59 GMT

Summary of the incident
This situation may require a bit of background before I get into the rest of it. I had parked my car on some grass, and two officers pulled over and started questioning me about speeding. I radioed in to my teammates to get me out of the situation, and they hostaged the two officers. One officer happened to be driving by at the time, so I followed him and hostaged him as well, not before he radioed in to the government that we were pointing guns at two officers. Their backup had just arrived, and that is where this clip starts.

Right off the bat, Spaghetti can be seen pulling out the "you're outnumbered so it's you who's under FearRP, not us" argument, which has no fabric whatsoever. This indicates Spaghetti's loose grasp on the concept of FearRP, specifically how it works in hostage situations.

At 25 seconds in, a demand is given which orders the officers not to follow me as I retreat to where my teammates have the other two officers hostage. The government were alerted of this, so they're aware that doublefury isn't our only hostage. You can see this demand not being met, which could have resulted in me executing the hostage and my teammates executing their hostages, thus failing their paramount objective which is to get their own officers out alive.

At 1:38, I lose sight of my hostage to instruct the officers where to stay so that we can bring the hostages out together for negotiation. While this may warrant doublefury to try and run away, it does not warrant the other officers to open fire on me as this could also result in the execution of the other two hostages we still have at the back of the house.

Player report approved.

Officers (and SRU's) first priority should be the safety of the hostages, especially if it's their own colleagues. These are the morals of the police and should always be followed. Turtle had already said there were multiple hostages (also said at 1:42 ish). This is simply breaking FearRP and SpaghettiFTW should've definitely known better than this.

Thanks for your report.
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