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How do I go about selling my dupes?
I am interested in creating and selling dupes such as this one I just finished:

How do I go about doing it?
  • What kind of ToS should I put in place when selling my dupes?
  • Advice for pricing my dupes?
  • How do I put images into spoilers for the marketplace posts?
  • Any other relevant information I need to know?
Go to the marketplace and check out previous dupes that have been sold to get a price, usually dupes are sold for around 100k, to do spoilers put the image inside of spoiler][/spoiler (adding the square brackets after and before)

Just bear in mind it may take a while to sell or not sell at all depending on how good your dupe is. IF you sell your dupe, you are allowed to keep using the dupe but you have to be willing for the person to resell or reuse the dupe they buy from you. Also, if you do sell it then you obviously have to give the dupe to the other person.

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQL9F1_LjmeXS7Aej8A-KS...KdGOC1hXXg]
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You just have to advertise the dupes you want to sell. Once you have confirmed a sale spawn the dupe and give people access to copy it once they have paid. I have bought a few dupes before and that’s how it rolls. Last time I paid around 35k for a treehouse but that is a great dupe and will last ages. But you have to be aware people can resell dupes. But I don’t resell the ones I have bought. There is nothing stopping you using your dupe after selling it it just means someone else can use the dupe. However I haven’t seen much dupes sold recently so you may be met with low demand or possibly high demand for your dupes. Good luck and If you Need more help just drop me a message
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