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Lt. Jeff
Reported User(s): Lt. Jeff

Reported User's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:119291268

Date & Time (GMT): 15/8/19 @ 1:20 GMT

Summary of the incident
Map: San Ranevo

Guilty off: 6.9 Teamkill / 3.1a - RDM

[Image: FDin1w1.jpg]

[Image: IWd238k.jpg]
Hello Qannter, there is no actual proof in this Pr that depicts this as RDM/Teamkill.
Also if you have video evidence, that would be much more appreciated!
Evidence shown on console logs highlighted in red shows I am a police officer, By:

- Receiving requests.
- Receiving/replying on government radio chat
- Handcuffing / Uncuffing someone, which only SRU / Police are capable of doing.

[Image: KI312oP.jpg?1]

You have then shot me from behind in a crossfire, intentionally When you kenned I was a police officer.
[Image: tumblr_mgc3ejUXKZ1s28zj8o1_500.gif]
Hello Qannter, I remember this situation ongoing. I was stationary at nexus, and I got a call of shots fired and saw the Presidential bodyguard being shot up by a woman. However, I do not recall you being a cop and I had no idea who it actually was until you mentioned it. How about you upload some footage if you recorded it, that would be appreciated!

Many thanks, Jeff.
If that really was you, and you were a cop dressed up in disguise then you are in the wrong in every way possible because there were complaints of an officer teamkilling.
Not enough evidence, denied.

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