Welcome to San Ranevo!
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Greetings Fearless,

After collecting your votes a few months ago, we've been piecing together and editing the winning map, rp_ranoxcity_v1, to make it fit better with our CityRP gamemode. The final version is now ready and we're proud to announce the release of San Ranevo!

It is a combination of maps such as Evo City and Ranox City and has been tailor made to fit CityRP. We hope you enjoy it!

[Image: Ee249nv.png]

Gas Stations, Charge Points, Fix Points & Parking Locations
All clearly displayed at City BP and Outer BP

Delivery Job NPC's
City BP and Industrial

Drug Dealer NPC
Slums Alley

Fishing Locations
Lake Piers and Ocean Pier

We will soon release a labelled map.

[Image: SHkQ1KG.png]

We have now implemented a new feature into the property system which allows you to toggle the world props inside and on your property on or off. This will be particularly useful in shops and apartments as it allows you to empty the shop for your own build iof you wish, while making it not look completely empty the rest of the time. These toggle options will be available on your property menu.
Spoiler :
[Image: 4zPR2zj.jpg]

[Image: AiOgyEs.png]

All content should auto download, but just in case, here are some links. Go subscribe!
See new collection here: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/file...1824413202
Property system content (updated, please resubscribe): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f...1826861813

[Image: ipL1LRK.png]

Map Assembly - Alphaverse has done a phenomenal job of successfully editing, improving and optimising the map to suit us and we would like to say a huge thank you to him for all his efforts. 

Property system prop toggling - Ivan Headshotski

Map Setup - TomoArnyTASSIASparxDiveyJoe Joe

Images and Graphics - Coffee

The rest of the Fearless Team have been giving their input and feedback at every stage of Alphaverse's mapping and have greatly assisted in identifying bugs, mapping errors and exploitable areas as well as suggesting ways in which the map layout could be improved to suit our gamemode.

Credits for creators of included maps:
Anthon - Ranox City
Zolofto and Sgt. Sickness - EvoCity Map
Steinmann - Florida Map
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Oh, how this is a glorious day.

Edit: Map is really good and has potential, they've developed it for a long time so now it is up to us to play on it.


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