[Event] Day of the Dead
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                 Hosted by JackZ

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Welcome to the Day of the Dead event, Fearless RP.

As the event is serious roleplay, please only call others by their IC name, if you know it IC. Try as hard as you can not to talk OOC using your voice, use OOC chat for this, or @.

This event is free standing roleplay with guidelines and rules that must be followed, the event is not scripted roleplay yet has a backbone and end goal which players will have to work towards to reach.

Please heavily prioritise roleplay over pvp, we will have a long and detailed roleplay before pvp, if it does turn to pvp.

The event is based 367 days after a 'Zombie Apocalypse' struck the Evocity-near area via an infection which when humans contracted, they slowly turned into a 'Zombie'.

The event will start out with you, and your group, roaming around the area searching for people, animals to hunt, scavenging for extra gear etc, you have to chose how your group roleplays, may that be heavily hostile focused or heavily hero focused. 

Mugging other groups is allowed yet FearRP is amplified in this event, any type of backchat or bad roleplay when a hostile action is happening to you will be considered FearRP and may result in your removal from the event, mingy or bad roleplay will not be accepted.

The end goal of the event is to find the code to a house which will allow you to access computers that can contact other parts of the world, this will result in transport coming and air lifting a LIMITED amount of 7 people out of the event by helicopter.

The fact that the helicopter will only allow 7 people to be lifted away from the house which starts to be overrun by zombies as contact is established, all groups at this point will be fighting and arguing over who gets to leave while fighting off the zombies. This is the pvp part of the event, groups will fight, people will die, this will pave the way for the limited amount of people to be able to be transported out of the area and as a result, survive, people left behind will die to zombies or to other people.

We strongly encourage you to roleplay very seriously, may that be as a hero, a bandit, a scavenger, or a deranged lunatic. 

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Friday 2nd August

Begins at 6:30. Will last a few hours, pack a lunch.

To be decided. Download link will be posted here when maps decided.

Lone Wolves
Joey "Slaint" Elite - Scavenger

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In the event, you may role play with a group consisting of a maximum member count of 5.
When you're in-game on the day of the event, please set your job name to the name of your group.

Legionaries - Hero Group
Jonas, Wolven, Random, Panda and Ranger.

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*Based 367 days into a post apocalyptic world in which 90% of the population are infected, undead cannibals.*
*The segment of writing is torn out of a survivors handbook, or 'diary'*
*You find the page roaming around the evocity surrounding outskirt area*
"The word Zombie, it was a mere urban legend, a myth in society, considered a joke to some, considered a reality to others. Those who prepared for this to happen are the only ones who have survived this far. Those who lived in towns and cities were the first to turn, the infection spread like wildfire through these widely populated areas, nobody survived. Those who prepared, lived in the countryside, ample amounts of food, water, guns, ammunition, people like me, they survived, well, most of them. We have still failed to establish contact with anybody outside of this once named best country on earth, the U.S.A, we're currently on the west coast, in a country area on the outskirts of Evocity, unaware if any other country still stands strong. We travel a lot, there's about 30 of us, we're all with each other for a reason, each person has their value, their worth, they all specialise in something, be that anything from security to scavenging for valuables. We picked up a family of 3 yesterday, two children and a mother, they told us stories, horrible stories, the mother had been looking for the father of her children when she got lost. I like the look of her, she's pretty, the type of girl that would have been chased in normal civilisation, i can imagine the kids father to be very handsome. I'm going to start looking after her children for her, so she can rest, put myself in with a chance at her. I haven't seen so much people i love in so long, i really wish i could see my children, or my sweet sweet wife. Those days are over. People have been talking of a house that was owned by a man that died due to the infected but apparently his house holds generators which can power up the whole building, that means theoretically if i got inside i could call for help, i thin-"
*The page here is torn off here and has dried blood along the tear.*

If you have any questions about the event contact me on steam:

To apply for the event, reply with either one of these templates:

For Groups
IC Group Name:
Players (MAX 5):
Type of Group (e.g Hero, bandit, survivors etc):

For Lone Wolves
IC Name:
Role of Character (e.g Scavenger, Bandit, Hero etc):
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IC Group Name: Legionaries
Players (MAX 5): Jonas, Panda, Wolven, Ranger & Random
Type of Group (e.g Hero, bandit, survivors etc): Hero - if neccecary we will specify in PM
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(07-18-2019, 04:27 PM)Jonas Wrote: IC Group Name: Legionaries
Players (MAX 5): Jonas, Panda, Wolven, Ranger & Random
Type of Group (e.g Hero, bandit, survivors etc): Hero - if neccecary we will specify in PM

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good luck, looks great
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For Lone Wolves
IC Name: Joey "Slaint" Elite
Role of Character (e.g Scavenger, Bandit, Hero etc): Scavenger

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Sorry for bumping but can we get a update on this?

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