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Reported User(s): [FL:RP]ChillBeanz

Reported User's SteamID: STEAM_0:0:187257642

Date & Time (GMT): 13/6/19 @ 22:10 GMT

Summary of the incident
Was RPing as a cop, When a man ran at me with a chainsaw, dealing damage. I shot him dead and carried on. About a minute later the same person came up to me and stabbed me. I chased him with a taser as he had a melee weapon and was fleeing. However, he started placing props in the city tunnel to stop me and ended up trapping me in the tunnel. I then tased him and he then left.
Unfortunately, I didn't record the situation but after he left I took screenshots of the props in the tunnel, etc.

^Hope this is enough evidence
Any more evidence? Or is this all you have?
The evidence shows something, just not enough.

I will keep an eye on this player.


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