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Discord: Kingroy #3225
Steam Name: Discord: Kingroy #3225

SteamID: Discord: Kingroy #3225

BanID: Discord

Ban Reason
Don't know.

Staff Member: Can't recall.

Involved users

Why should you be unbanned?
I was banned ages ago on the discord, have tried to figure out why but don't know why. Ban was ages ago, there isn't really any reason to maintain the ban. Continuously get told to add more information / detail to these but there isn't any more to be said.
We cannot process the UBR because your Discord Tag is incorrect.
Kind Regards,
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I have been banned on discord since making this request. That account was BenedictusFartdropper#3225 and my new account is Gillman#9783.
Signed, Totalbiscuitfan99.

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He who does not cream inside shall forever be destined to a life of solitude.

Approved? I guess Discord already dealt the justice.
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