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Steam Name: jonsan

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:46138544

BanID: 82312

Ban Reason
Disrespecting a staff member during sit

Staff Member: Awestruck

Involved users

Why should you be unbanned?
Your name: Jonsen

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:46138544

Your ban ID: Disrespecting a staff member during sit

Banned by: Awestruck

Reason: Disrespecting a staff member during sit

Involved: Lime

Why we should unban you: First of all I'd like to mention that Chumps has violated these rules: 1.1 Abusing glitches (shooting contras through the wall hitting all of them perfectly - Thirdperson abuse.) 1.7 His friends also seem to abuse thirdperson but nothing has been done to deal with it. 8.5 Chumps and his friend seem to raid the first base they come across and also seem to "hear" contraband even when it's far away from walls and not making the "money coming" sound at that time.
10.2 According to my police roleplaying friends they also seem to have a Doomfort.

Now that my rant about him is complete (why I wrote what I wrote (that got me banned)) I will now continue with my appeal.

I was defending the President and the Gopnik Gang came down with the VP as hostage. I aimed at the Gopniks and told them to halt but they did not reply. After walking for a while I was suddenly shot (non-fatally) and I shot back. Mistakenly killing the VP that had already received damage from either my colleagues or the Gopniks. I killed two of the gang members and instantly afterwards Chump froze me. Asking me why I did that. He then unfroze me and blacklisted my friend for shooting first. I asked him if he was salty because he had just been killed as I got and still am mad about the incident (following all the controversy around Chumps, not only by me but a lot of friends and mutuals). After that I asked for him to copy and paste the logs where it stated that Lime had killed the VP and actually fired first. Whereoff he demoted me saying that I killed the VP. I then wrote in OOC that I wanted him of the Team and I was banned for 24H for disrespecting staff during sit, it was not in a sit but afterwards if this even has any importance.

I would also like to add that we had orders from the President to fire if necesarry to save the President's life.

I was demoted falsely as it was by mistake as I got shot and reacted as fast as I could.

Also isn't it FearRP as I stated that I will open fire if they come closer?

24H for "insulting" is not OK either, I did not insult I simply wrote I want him of the Staff team and that he was a bad Staff member, if anything it's criticism.
Also I do not have any videoproof but I've got people who has witnessed the violations. Atleast go invisible and check him out.
You are making a lot of claims in this UBR about other people. If you wish to pursue these claims, I urge that you post a Report in the appropriate section with the appropriate evidences to support them.

Staying on topic of the UBR at hand. I watched the last half of the sit whilst it happened. You called Chumps a "fucking cunt" and then a "dumb fuck" and continued to berate him whilst he was handing out your blacklist. Why have you not mentioned that in the UBR?
Kind Regards,
Developer x Supervising Administrator

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As I mentioned I was mad and tbh I still am because he is Violating the rules that he should stand for but yeah yeah nvm. His word against mine.
If you wish to appeal your blacklist you can also do that too in the appropriate section. However as it stands, my reason for banning you was incredibly valid.

Kind Regards,
Developer x Supervising Administrator

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