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Grant Macdonald
Reported User(s): Grant Macdonald

Reported User's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:24213813

Date & Time (GMT): 10/6/19 @ 16:04 GMT

Summary of the incident
The man, Grant Macdonald, hit my car intentionally numerous times and sped off, after which I alerted an officer of that, who went on a chase to apprehend him. I followed the officer to the end of the chase scene, and found out that he switched to be a police sergeant right after he was stopped. He then promptly disconnected not even 5 minutes later.

Proof of the role switch: (the scoreboard can be seen at 0:34, along with the time)

Proof of him being a citizen on the scoreboard one minute prior:

Proof of the disconnect: (I'm not sure if you can check logs for the time but it was about 16:10GMT)
The car was there for a while, and I got away 10 minutes before all this. It's not my problem the SRU and police failed to find me. Does this mean I have to wait till you guys find me ? I can change jobs when I'm not in an RP situation. Also, in your post you state that I changed right after I was stopped. I don't see any of this on the footage. Could you please provide the full footage ?

[Image: EXXON_FL.png]
Here's the full, uncut video, showing the fact that you abandoned your car and almost immediately switched to citizen. It wasn't 10 minutes as you claimed, it was 2 minutes at the very most. Since you're so insistent on needing every little tidbit of context that you can have, I shall provide it to you.

If anyone needs context for the rest of all this I'm happy to provide it but it should give you enough of a clue as to what's happening, what my convo with the president was about, and the rest of the stuff.
Great video ! 
Except for I dont see me leaving any car, wich implies you are lying. In the post above you stated that you saw me abandon the car. From this footage everyone can see I did not ! 
Quoting you: "I followed the officer to the end of the chase scene, and found out that he switched to be a police sergeant right after he was stopped" I dont see any of this happen.

Cheers mate.
[Image: EXXON_FL.png]
I am not going to even attempt to formulate any cohesive reply, since you're obviously being intentionally obtuse.

I will await admin judgement for this matter.
To me you haven't left enough time at all, you left it maximum two minutes before switching to police sergeant. This is a very difficult situation to be in as the question is "at what point are you allowed to switch jobs/leave the server?". It is failRP however there isn't a set rule on this, probably because all situations are different.

In this situation, I felt you shouldn't have changed your job until you have waited 10 minutes to make sure that the situation was under control. Even though someone else at that point would have taken police sergeant, it still could class as failRP. In saying that, if the car was still impounded then I don't think that anything should come from it. However, if he then moved his car into the garage as cop, I would then punish him.

However with the evidence provided alone, I don't think it would be fully fair to do anything about it apart from a warning to make sure you leave more time to avoid PR's being posted.

Do you have any other evidence at all that could help with this investigation? Or anything you would like to question/input?
Hello Kippsee,

I will keep in mind about changing the jobs.
Also, the car got impounded by the police and stayed in the garage.
[Image: EXXON_FL.png]
Alright, well if you have any other evidence, post a new PR.


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