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The Lost Pyro (i was Mr.Pickles
Reported User(s): The Lost Pyro (i was Mr.Pickles

Reported User's SteamID: STEAM_0:0:39814724

Date & Time (GMT): 9/6/19 @ 10:13 GMT

Summary of the incident
Name of player: The Lost Pyro (i was Mr.Pickles

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:39814724

Time in GMT: 10:13am GMT

Server: V4B1


The start of the incident occurred when an Officer ran a red light causing us to collide and resulting in the officer crashing into a wall. After this occurred I was later stopped by officers who immediately cuffed me once I had exited my vehicle and began asking why I was speeding to cause the crash. One of these officers was The Lost Pyro and believe the other officer was PickledGalaxy33 (STEAM_0:1:157381880). This RP situation carried on for a good 10/15 seconds in front of the Bank before the officers began receiving incoming fire from Insurgents as they had previously shot at the insurgent's car, the two Insurgent's who began firing at the officers were Nico168299 (STEAM_0:0:91618379) and [FL&L²:RP] Spahgetti (STEAM_0:1:60304673). When the gunfight started I while still cuffed immediately took cover behind my van where I was completely out of sight of the gunfight when the officer ( The Lost Pyro ) blatantly came up me and shot me to death knowing full well I was cuffed not involved with the shooting. When I confronted him about it he claimed that it wasn't RDM because I was speeding previously? Then claimed it was because I wouldn't get out of my car even though the time of him killing me I had been outside my vehicle for a long period of time, He then claimed that he didn't want me to escape and so killed me, Before finally changing his reason again to him thinking I was shooting which is just a terrible excuse because there was no possibility that he could have mistaken me for shooting. Once I and Spahgetti informed him we were going to make PR's (for different reasons) he began insulting both us and fearless staff in OOC chat. Looking at his [edit*]blacklist record it is very clear that he is not here to RP and has no understanding of the rules on the server.

While I cannot provide any video evidence I have console logs of the situation which I hope help build the situation for staff.

[Image: H1TYQ95.jpg]
[Image: CUFEBmO.jpg]
[Image: 3B4bHq8.jpg]

2 week ban given.

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