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The Lost Pyro (i was Mr.Pickles
Reported User(s): The Lost Pyro (i was Mr.Pickles

Reported User's SteamID: STEAM_0:0:39814724

Date & Time (GMT): 6/9/2019 @ 10:18 GMT

Summary of the incident
So , this guy , was FailRP , RDMing , Fighting a Cop as a Cop , Minging , And Breaking other things that is it


Random Tazing & Arresting

(As you can see the Victim was in the Citizen's Spawn point)

Here he is admitting it by saying "Just Kidding"

Destroying My car as a cop after killing me

Disrespecting Admins and Players in OOC First Message - 2nd Message is what he said a reason of all this..
Being involved in this situation I can confidently say that he was not here to RP at all and was a nuisance to everyone on the server, He was breaking rules constantly and I witnessed him FailRPing at [FL:RP] Peter White's ice cream stand which was disrupting roleplay, I also witnessed him breaking NLR by revenge killing people after they shot him, As well as my own encounter which can be found on another PR.
Kind Regards,
Fearless RP's Favourite Duck

[Image: 03AqhU7.png]


2 week ban given.

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