[Event] The West


America 1894, the beginning of the end of the West as they know it, one of the last remaining state-free towns Driftwood, Idaho. Living off the land, living by the trigger a town with limited laws, limited life span and lots of problems. The west coast gold rush hasn't turned out to be the American dream these citizens were hoping for and living off the land fails to make ends meet. A carefree Mayor or as many would say careless continues to drive his city into the past and a town divided by growing gang presence and lack of law enforcement. Driftwood however like many towns was hit by a deadly and incurable disease; cholera. Desperate to save their loved ones the citizens of Driftwood must move to the neighbouring town leaving their homes and lost loved ones in their cholera overrun town. 

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Welcome to 'The West' event. This event is based in the time where cowboys roamed most of America just before the industrial revolution. In this event there will be numerous enjoyable ranks that you will be able to apply for. All ranks will be balanced to make it as fair as possible. Ranks have a salary in which they can save to purchase weapons, ammunition or maybe spend it drowning your sorrows in the saloon. 

The ranks you are able to apply for are:

Mayor: 1/1
Joe Joe
Priest: 1/1
Westerner: 19/*

Ivan Headshotski
Gaylord Robinson
Peter White
Doctor: 1/1
Arms Dealer: 1/1
Saloon Owner 1/1
Travelling Merchant: 1/1
Sheriff: 1/1
Sheriff's Deputy: 4/4


McLouis Gang
McLouis Gang Leader: 1/1
McLouis Gang Outlaw : 5/5


On Another Note: Westerner in this event will be like Citizens on the normal Fearless RP servers. So for example there could be a "Saloon Owner" ETC. This aims to make it feel like Fearless but if it was around 150 years ago!

To Apply please fill out the follow application form

Steam Name:
Steam ID:

Details about yourself:

The time and date of the event has currently been set to:

Saturday 29th of June at 7PM BST

The content required to take part in this event is:

Fearless Administrator
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Steam Name: [FL:RP] RedPanda
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Hours: 910
RPP: 5

Name: Bill Cassidy
Age: 34
Role: Sheriffs Deputy
Details about yourself: An outgoing and cocky deputy who often forgets his authority.
Kind Regards,
Fearless Administrator

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Steam Name: Lewwings 
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Name: Jebediah “Holy Jeb” Allison
Age: 70
Role: Priest
Details about yourself: Been a holy devout man of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ himself for 50 years this June, it’s been getting harder as the years go by to remain holy and an example for others in this desolate place. It’s 1894 now, I’m not half the strong, powerful and energetic man I once was, and while it’s still possible to pull off, it’s too tiring. I’m waiting for the Lord to take me off this world and to end this test, but until then I’m just hanging on by a thread - trying to be a religious rolemodel to the local parish people. With this new Cholera outbreak, I can only say that the Lord works in mysterious ways.
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Steam Name: [FL:M] Ranger
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:103998288
Hours: 1100
RPP: 14

Name: Randyll Vandyll
Age: 22
Role: McLouis Gang Leader
Details about yourself: A very much unstable criminal, who enjoys killin', killin' and killin'.
Steam Name: [FL] Forgee
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:32211657
Hours: 2700
RPP: 7

Name: Orphestus Shkreli
Age: 43
Role: Sheriff
Details about yourself: Orphestus is a man of the law! loves a good jug of brew which doesn't make him the best shot but he tries his best!

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Steam Name: [FL:RP] Jessixa
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:213870987
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RPP: 18

Name: Savannah Walker 
Age: 22
Role: Westerner
Details about yourself: A young girl who own an Western Saloon after her mother's sudden passing . Savannah grew up in small town , few miles away from Driftwood , Idaho , after a sudden fire that broke in their house when she was only just 5 years old , she moved to Driftwood with her mother to start their new life . With a rough childhood Savannah had , she is very close to her beloved mother who own an Saloon and was an saloon girl . With such low income and very little money ,her mother had to work as an bartender in the saloon as well to make extra coin to support her daughter & herself. After Savannah's mom sudden passing , she took the business as the owner of the saloon , usually helping making drinks for her customer . 
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***As the sheriff fiddles with the printing press in an attempt to print out bounty posters for an infamous outlaw by the name of Carthusia "Six Shot" Collins known for unloading his entire six-shooter into his foes, the telegraph machine begins to click. The message is from Federal Marshal Carl Johnston of Boise, Idaho. A deputy reads the message...***

To whomever it may concern,
  We've just got word that this damned Carthusia Collins is headed down your way to Driftwood. I'd suggest you get your best deputies and arm 'em with everything you've got. He's been leavin' a bloody trail, four deputies, a sheriff, two federal marshals, and a god damn circuit court judge. President Cleveland even sent some Pinkertons after him, but we just found their bodies in a gulch just south of town, all with six shots through their skull. See what you can do about him, he's your problem now.

Good luck,
  Carl Johnston
  Federal Marshal
  Boise, Idaho
***After reading the message, the sheriff sighs and tells the deputy to assemble the others. He whips out his Colt revolver and flips open the cylinder, making sure it's fully loaded. With a crack he shuts it and paces towards a bookshelf. Light screams can be heard just outside of town while he sifts through an old photo album. He stops at page 29...*


Carthusia "Six Shot" Collins
Wanted dead or alive in five states: Texas, Louisiana, Colorado, Nevada, and Idaho

[Image: xClOJmy.jpg]

Known for unloading his six shooter on his enemies.


Steam Name: [FL:RP] Falcon
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:66948201
Hours: 1424 Hours
RPP: 30 Points

Name: Carthusia Collins
Age: 23 Years Old
Role: McLouis Gang Outlaw
Details about yourself: Well I'm just a cold-blooded killer lookin' for some target practice...
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Steam Name: [FL] Panda
Steam ID: will get
Hours: 3334
RPP: 12

Name: Dirty Dan
Age: 34
Role: McLouis Gang
Details about yourself: Dirty, named Dan. Likes to roughen up with the sheriff. Got the best hat in town.
whats this mclouis gang shit? join the melon gang boys
Steam Name: TheSiphon
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RPP: 4

Name: Abraham McLanster
Age: 67
Role: Westerner
Details about yourself: Former carpenter from a larger town, nowadays getting more work as a coffin maker and gravedigger. Fairly talented at crafting and repairing various things, but the graveyard work is his main source of income. Though people wonder how he always manages to find new bodies to bury. 
[Image: DxLVliJ.png]

Feel free to add reputation or not. Have a nice day!
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