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Christmas Forum Background Competition!
[Image: NzKKqQI.png]
Greetings Fearless,

Christmas is coming fast, and we need our forums to get festive! We're challenging you, the community, to make a new forum background for the Christmas season.

- The image must have a resolution of 1920 x 1080
- Take a look at the current forum and think about the positioning of your images. (The mid-section of your images will not be seen behind the forum, so try to keep the content away from that area).
- The background should be sourced from in game screenshots from our servers or singleplayer if you prefer (just remember it's got to represent CityRP), but can of course be edited to your hearts content!
- Remember, it's Christmas so your entries need to be related to that!

Submit your entries in the thread below.

Please post your images in a spoiler if you plan on embedding them.

This competition will be open for 1 week (end date: November 30th), however we may extend this into the first week of December depending on the number of entries received.

The best submissions will be voted on by the team and the winner will receive not only the pride of their background being used, but a gift of $500,000 in game money! Smaller prizes may also be awarded to runners up!

Good luck and have fun!

[Image: llU6Oph.png]
[Image: W94NL7B.jpg]
[Image: HxeKXJs.png]
I will also give away a Free Donator rank to whoever wins if they do not have donator if they do i will pick a random person!
Reserved, finna doing something, probably, maybe, dunno
Kind regards,

[Image: X8prSQG.jpg]

Reserved might do something
Credit adisableddeer thks xox
[Image: qrw50vfb_o.gif]
[Image: MhJBpHE.png]
[Image: KL3qjvw.png]

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If only we had a Christmas theme that meant this wasn't necessary and could simply be forced upon all users.
[Image: giphy.gif]

DISCLAIMER: No actual Captain Barry’s were hurt in the production of this Gif.

(11-23-2018, 10:29 PM)Marty Wrote: If only we had a Christmas theme that meant this wasn't necessary and could simply be forced upon all users.

Where's the fun in that? (and the money)

Just trying to get people involved Smile
[Image: W94NL7B.jpg]
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