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Passive Night (Halloween)
[Image: IX5bsdS.png]

Greetings Fearless,

Today I have the pleasure of announcing the next Fearless passive night!

The theme is 'Halloween

It will take place on the 21st of October and will start at 6 pm (BST). 

After a large request from the aggressive community this particular passive night will not be featuring 'passive mode' which strips people of their weapons. Instead, any aggressive-rp must be held outside the city and therefore the city itself (which is the entire area until you get to Connectivity) will be strictly reserved for passive-rp. You can of course build outside the city however it will not be protected by the passive only rule which is inside the city.

As usual, there will be no reservations for buildings. Therefore, it will be a first come, first serve basis. We will also be sticking to the prop-limit guidelines for this event, especially due to the nature of it being in the city and so prop limit extensions should not be expected.

Credit to Coffee for making the graphics to this thread and a happy birthday too.
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Fearless Developer

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first yeet
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At last, thanks Event Manager!
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Thanks to Envy for the signature.
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Kindest Regards,
The Creator
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wait so like are we just walking around knocking peoples houses and saying "Trick or Treat!" and hoping they give us food.

or point a gun at them and ask for money either way is pretty cool
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Well Pres can farm taxes
question: if the passive rule applies only in the city surely you can start a gun fight then go hide in the city so they cannot shoot you
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Was I annoying? REP me
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Great to see this is still being carried on. Might pop along. Hope it goes well Smile
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But what will we do for Passive Night? like Trick or Treating? or a Halloween Store thing
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