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[EVENT] Black Mesa Research Facility
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Music to listen to whilst reading:


Welcome to the Black Mesa research facility. We are a facility were we research teleportation and hopefully reach the unknown universe called 'Xen'. The Research & Development and the Survey Team have to work together to reach Xen. The survey team have to wear special suits to enter the atmosphere, if you enter the atmosphere without a suit on, you can die from radiation. The Research & Development has invented a portal that will take you to Xen, but they don't know how it works, or if there is even an exit to the unknown universe. It is the Survey Teams job to reach Xen and collect and return with crystals, one problem though, there are Xenian creatures in there, that are a threat, meaning that the Survey team have to enter armed. If the Survey team return with the crystals, the Research & Development then have to research the crystals and hopefully use it as a long lasting power source. But something goes wrong, they try to do an AMS test, but it fails causing Xen creatures breaking into the facility!
Note: Some parts in there are parts I have made up to make it more interesting.

Jobs hierarchy:

Administrator - Controls all sectors
Government Worker - Works alongside the administrator, helps make decision to make the facility a better place.
HECU Sergeant - Manages the HECU Team
HECU Unit - Helps the security guards when needed, stays in their base unless called.
Head Research & Development - Manages the Research & Development and assigns roles
Research & Development - Researches the crystals that are from Xen, also chooses when the Survey team can enter Xen. (Only R&D can turn the portal on)
Head Survey Team - Manages the Survey team, helps the survey team in Xen.
Survey Team - Enters Xen when told, only enters when suited up.
Security Guard - Helps protect the facility
Visitor - The lowest rank at the facility

Great! How do I apply?
You don't need to apply, the event server will be open all day

Extra Info:
Time & Date: TO BE DECIDED
Content: Click here
More info soon

It will be hosted on the event server, which will be open all day, you can join, change to whatever job is free etc.

The jobs will be on the F1 menu
There will be custom scripts.
If you wanna join, you can just reply with something like, I'll be there or something
However, towards the end, there will be a mini event and that will be the end
[Image: HxeKXJs.png]
Ohh, we haven't had an event like this that lasts for the entire day. Sounds very interesting though, definitely looking forward to this.
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Feel free to add reputation or not. Have a nice day!
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I'll definitely hop on and join this one!
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This looks cool
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Nice bro can't wait
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Wow this looks great! Sad times tho I started work so it will be near impossible for me to join...

You can't be everyones cup of tea or else you'd be a mug!!!
is the admin job an OOC admin or IC??? cus i wanna be a badmin
Loving the fact this is all open rather than application based
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