Prop Limit Guidelines
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Prop Limit Guidelines

If you've ever wanted to receive a prop limit increase then you will now know the requirements the staff team have set when considering your requests. The guidelines that have been set have been present for quite sometime, however we as a team have decided to make this public knowledge, so that you can see whether your dupe is worthy of an increase. We still encourage you to stay within your prop limit, however if you do find yourself wanting a prop limit raise then you can ask for one, if it has followed the guidelines. An important thing to note is that although you may have followed them to its full extent, you still can't expect that you will receive a prop increase. Each Admin has different ways of handling cases, as well as there being some factors taken into consideration, such as player count et cetera. Some Admins may be more harsh and some more lenient, but it is equally as important that they try to stick to the guidelines as much as possible. It is important to note that just because you receive one on the build server, it doesn't mean you're guaranteed one on the main server, just like how you can't expect to receive one just because another member of staff has granted permission for the same dupe in the past. If you are to receive one then we recommend that you save your dupe in your max prop limit (e.g, 2x 40 prop dupes for an 80 prop dupe) so that can you still use it without an extension by sharing it with your friends. The staff team also have to follow separate guidelines when it comes to their prop limit, so it's not just the general player base who have restrictions.

If you are intrigued to see the extensions the Admin team give to both themselves and the player base then if you are using the Fearless 2017 theme you can click the 'Proplimit' icon at the top, or use the link:, with the page being updated to link you to this thread and you can find the original announcement of the restrictions here:

Player Requirements:
  • Must involve at least 2 players, unless it is the goal to recruit more players through the roleplay (such as Recruitment RP, Concert RP).
  • The second player must have spawned in a dupe already with 40 props only.
  • The raise should primarily be used for the first player. However for special occasions, such as an event, it is permitted to give a raise to a maximum of players involved in one roleplay (that is at max 100 props).
  • It is for any roleplay, does not matter if it is for aggressive or passive as long as it has roleplay to it and not just contrabanding and "kill-farming" to it. Should mainly be promoted for passiveRP, but there are brilliant aggressiveRP that would do with an extension too. But it's not for the average roleplay, it needs to be for a special type of roleplay that is not frequently seen with 40 props.
  • Building must fit its environment and not be unrealistic. It also needs to be well done and not used for a mediocre build.
  • No sloppy built dupes with minimal amount of effort. Encourage the user to be comfortable with a small proplimit first and press those boundaries.
  • Must not be a frequent roleplay where they ask for prop-increases continuously and repetitively. Should be used for special occasions. You can check to see how many raises they've gotten (use ctrl+f and then steamID).
  • Do not use this frequently. It should be used on special occasions and not for the average roleplay.
  • Be clear and consistent in the reason. If it is for a stage, this would be an example: "Concert RP, a stage on Grassy Fields". This gives information as to what the roleplay is about and what exactly the raise was used for.
  • Ask for specific amount of props instead of just being vague and assuming you will be given 100 props.
  • Use common sense, be responsible with the proplimit increase and realize that we have restrictions on it for the stability of other users and to further promote a collective effort within the community.

Staff Requirements:

These are the requirements that must be met in order to do a prop-raise. If your situation does not match the requirements, then you may not spawn it. If you are unsure if it matches the requirements, ask a fellow administrator. There is some form of leniency to this, for instance 'Must involve at least 5 other players' should be followed as closely as possible, such as having 4 players instead. However, if leniency is reoccurring then it is classified as abuse.

* = Management may authorize it anyway, if deemed absolutely necessary.
  • Must involve at least 5 other players.
  • May not be used in areas that is a subject of massive drop of performance, such as V5P city. Exception to this if it's minimal amount of props to be added as well as how well the dupe is constructed. *
  • If a dupe is big and is obviously decreasing the performance of yourself, but, also other users - then host it on the event server where it is optional to attend. If you're unsure of a dupe's performance, try and get on at peak hours and spawn it in and test it
  • Take other users performance's into consideration too. If multiple users are complaining in OOC, as they have been doing before, then remove it or alter it for better performance. As administrators you are to think of users first and the build server is not a sufficient source for performance testing due to a lower player count and player spawned props.
  • If other administrators are encouraging you to remove/alter the dupe, try and converse and come to a conclusion of preference by both parties. If it is left undisputed, contact an SA.
  • Using the command to build on the main servers is not permitted, you should use it if you have a finished dupe and if you need to alter it quick for later use within a small time-frame.*
  • Having multiple high-prop dupes spawned should be avoided. If another administrator have a high-prop dupe out, advise with them first and take into consideration how your dupe may affect.
     -You yourself should only have one big dupe spawned. *
  • If you have an event that you want to host and requires a big dupe, choose the event server which is at your disposal, unless it requires to be on main server.
    -If your dupe goes over 1000 props then you must use it on the event server.
  • Do not increase your proplimit except the amount that you need (no 600 dupe prop and increase to 1000 props).
  • You aren't to spawn other players dupes for them if they go against the player guidelines.
  • If you are making a dupe with another Administrator, you should make it one dupe - rather than extending your own and having another part be 150.

Event Coordinators Requirements:

These are the requirements that must be followed by the Event Coordinator Team if they wish to raise their own prop limit(s). There is some leniency when it comes to the following guidelines. However, if they ignore the guidelines to an extreme amount, then they may be instructed not to spawn any dupes that surpass their original prop limit until further notice. Consistent failure to abide by the guidelines may result in a strike. If as a Teacher, you are unsure if it matches the requirements, ask an Administrator.

* = An ECS2 or member of Management may authorise it anyway, if deemed absolutely necessary.
  • Must be classed as a 'mini-event'. *
  • Must involve at least 4 players (including yourself).
  • Should not be sloppily put together. The dupe should be built to a level of high quality (e.g no extreme cases of over plating or unrealistic materials). *
  • Should be conscious of where the dupe is being placed and if it disturbs any ongoing roleplay in its surrounding location.
  • Take other users performance into consideration too. Be aware if another Teacher is hosting a mini-event, or if a member of staff has raised their prop count or multiple players' prop limits. Alongside this watch out for any complaints from the community in OOC to see if your dupe is causing their computer problems. You should always be conscious of a balance between having a good amount of players enjoying your role play and also people who can't play because of it's placement.
  • If an administrator is asking you to remove the dupe you should remove it. You could of course respectfully appeal their request by asking them, however the administrator does have the final say. They shouldn't have to ask you of this unless they have good reason to. Going behind the administrators back by claiming that another admin has stated they can keep role playing in the dupe is not acceptable.
  • You should not use the main server as a building zone, use the build server to craft your dupes, this includes adding finishing details.
  • Don't increase your prop limit to a vague amount, it should match the amount of props used in your dupe as closely as possible.
  • You are allowed to spawn dupes for other players as long as you're participating a substantial amount to the roleplay that it is for.
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Added new point to the Administrators guidelines:

'If you are making a dupe with another Administrator, you should make it one dupe - rather than extending your own and having another part be 150.'

This is so we can be completely transparent in how big admins dupes are, as sometimes it currently may be misleading as to how many props a dupe actually is, considering the number is broadcast to the entire server.
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