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Greetings Community,

In order for events to work out perfectly, we have had to set a conduct that must be followed by everyone, this is to make sure that events are not mingy, and has a proper reason as to why it's hosted. Instead of just vaguely making one because "I feel like it". This will help events become more in-depth and thought of, instead of an "unfinished" type event that is missing a lot. This will include what is not allowed to be used for events, and how you should perform certain things at your event.


When setting up an event that is supposed to be on the event server, it is important that you contact an Event Manager or an SA inc case of an Event Managers absence in order to get your event properly organised. When setting up an event, you are entitled to take care of your event thread yourself, and every event that is hosted needs an admin to oversee it, this is a requirement, both for aiding a player hosting the event, and taking care of all rule breakage. If an administrator is hosting an event, obviously this is would not be a requirement. The Manager should be informed of what rules are made to be defunct in your event, however they can debate this with you and can deny an events planning if it is too mingy (purge events are an exception to this). It's important to note that we want events that are properly structured, and not just poorly rushed ones. When contacting an event manager or a supervising administrator in case of the event managers absence, it is required to structure your application for the event properly, there will be a template down below, this is to asure that it will not be misunderstood by the event manager(s) or the supervising administrator. It is also important to know that you choose a scheduled time for your event. Players can pick any time, aslong as it does not interfere with another event. You can reschedule max 1 time, then your event will be cancelled if the hosting player is unavailable. This is merely to limit the amount of delaying in events. You're only allowed a maximum of 30 addons per event, all of which are non-vehicle addons. We will not allow custom vehicles as addons due to the fact that they need to be custom coded for the addon to work for the Fearless gamemode. For there to be air in between each event there has to be at least 1 week in between each one. The event mangers remain the right to bend the conduct to some extend, to suit certain events.

[b]Link to thread:[/b]

[b]Which map will it be hosted on?[/b]

[b]Is custom content needed for the event?[/b]

[b]If you need custom content, what content is it?[/b]

[b]Have you read the entire event conduct thread?[/b]

[b]What time will this event be scheduled for? (Date and time)[/b]


Sometimes players just wish to host a fun little mini-event on the main servers. However, if its an unrealistic kind of event, it will need approval from a staff member. These events are not to be completely server-wide forcing people into it, this means that a zombie mini-event that will mean the whole server is forced somewhere or forced to attack back is not allowed. These are normal events and not mini-events. Something like a bank robbery mini-event should be alright. If your event needs to bend the rules (Like place more than 2 doors to one location in a bank for example) it will also need approval from an event manager. Administrators can approve their own mini-events, whilst if a player wishes to host a mini-event like the ones mentioned needs to be approved by an event-manager.


When setting up an event, and wanting to contact an event manager or a supervising administrator incase of the event managers absence, you can contact us through forums pm's, as these will be stored and able to be spoken about and will make things much easier for everyone. Forum pm's should be the main source, as that is where it's able to be seen when coming back online if offline.

If you have any suggestions, concerns or questions, you can contact one of the event managers and then they'll figure out what has to be done.
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Added the "** READ BEFORE YOU POST **" to make it more clear for people that they have to read the event conduct if they wish to host an event.
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The Event Conduct has been made less restrictive, meaning that you can now create an event and post it and simply have to alert the Event Manager of what add-ons you want to be added and what rules you want altered (if you are hosting it on the event server). The Manager still holds the right to deny an event from being hosted if it is extremely mingy (purge events are an exception from this). The same goes for Mini-Events however they still can't be unrealistic without the permission from a staff member.

A new Event Manager will also be assigned soon.
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