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GHOSTK1LL3R party?
Interesting development indeed, what was this, your 4th or 5th perm? Thats a lot more chances then the average player gets.
Having one of the old guys back is a good thing though, so welcome back Ghost!
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this might not end well
Brings a whole new meaning to the word permanent.
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Ivan Tempski
Resigned Administrator
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Welcome back Ghost, we didn't get along the last time you were here and I'm not expecting that to have a quick turn around but I hope you have a long stay this time. You seem like a pretty cool guy all things considered.
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Add me to shout out list bby
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(01-08-2017, 11:57 AM)Sir Narc Wrote: this might not end well
And he's perm'd again ^^
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That didn't last very long....
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Credits to Envy for this brilliant Sig!
User already perm banned again, what a surprise  Angel

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If I deleted you and you feel like you still want to have me on steam, feel free to add me.

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