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Ciao a tutti, Fearless people!
Hello there to everyone! Ciao!

You probably do not know me, and I understand it, but I'm here to introduce myself to this community. So here we go (If you don't like TL;DR) Then scroll down to the Blue mark to read the "Nutshell of this", Hopefully though you get me to know better.

--My name is Ossarium, I am a male from Italy, Rome that lives a happy live with great friends and used to be in many communities.
I am a
Garry's Modder and a competitive Team Fortress 2 player (Almost 4.000 hours), And I tried different competitive sites overall (tf2center for now).
-- I love playing games, and computer related stuff, But I also hanging out in the awesome city I live in, as said Rome, that offers quick ways to travel around and get to awesome looking parts of the city (Rome's metro).
-- I am a really friendly guy, And most of my friends know it, I would never get pissed for dumb reason, neither get mad over dumb games, because everyone knows it's not real life. I can give all possible help to my friends, but don't try to be cocky with me, because I can be as friendly as an ***.
-- I am a person who likes having innovative ideas, and right now studying technical engineering and electronics at a school that I really love.
-- I am Italian, but I learned English all by myself playing Multiplayer english servers and communicating with a microphone, and as you can hopefully see, I reached a level where I can talk it like a fellow english person or American (Maybe still a bit troublesome with accents and pronunciations).
-- I love baking cakes! And love learning to cook food, as in my family, I cook lots of types of food to my family, same as baking cakes for breakfast.

-Previous Experiences and backstory-
I played on multiple communities related to Roleplay. I begun with Black mesa Roleplay, my favourite kind of Semi Serious servers, on Aerolite, a huge community (Almost as big as this one) that at the end closed and died in 2015, But was a really awesome short experience I got, since I learned the basics of Roleplay. After Aerolite closed, I had a couple of friends who told be about another community that used to be Black Mesa Roleplay, same gamemode, fixed by the originals creators of Aerolite communities, I started playing on it, and begun making huge gigantic buildings, always making sure to look realistic and following real world's physics. And now I also make sure they're server and user friendly using different simple tricks. The buildings I made are really huge and different in a variety of ways. I will post some of my creations here or in a future thread, I also consider myself as a Wiremod High level User, Since I made many realistic functions with it. and Expression 2 too, with interesting codes I made myself with a bit of help!
After Era-gaming closed. I moved to play some CityRP on GTA RolePlay (It was called like this) And I used to be an efficient police officer. Also started trying SeriousRP servers, and I enjoyed them a lot.

Then the day where I begun to start working hard to make something happened came in February, I got invited in an awesome project (
Black Mesa RP Official), a really big and ambitious project where I got invited by the admins and dedicated members of Aerolite and Era-gaming, A.K.A Cloud and Clanof20, both really friendly dudes, Maybe a bit less the second (If you're a stranger to him), A.K.A. These two:

Clanof20 (A great roleplayer Almost 10.000 hours on record of Gmod)

[Image: bbb89ba19c.jpg]     [Image: 97098d63b4.jpg] Cloud, a great gamer and funny british.

So, they invited me to this project and... thanks to Cloud's impulsive action, He said to Google (A guy who was coding the gamemode) that I was a betatester, and begun learning Hammer editor and started making useful Map reports, with all details possible, and as picky as I am, I made a fine job.
Seeing my progress of growing up with them, they decided to give me the job to make the trailer for the growing community, and with the Help of a couple of friends (VoicelessSean88, Fin, and the two guys up there) We made the trailer and it looked awesome. We were about to make two more even! But then stuff started happening
Trailer planned/developed by me! Check it out and tell me what do you think of it in the comments!
Once the community was going, lots of stuff happened and it's too much to type about, and unfortunately closed... Which is a real shame to me.
Time went on and I started to play a lot more of Team Fortress, and I begun understanding real competitive, and thinking about participating ETF2L.

Then well, time went on, I tried multiple games, gamed a bit with Cloud and Clanof and friends from the projet and I became an admin of a BM:RP server, which was going good. and I started making more Wiremod and more gigantic dupes, (500) All though Clanof beats everyone since he made 100x better stuff with around 3000 props!! Unbelievable.  Then server closed, and I started playing Sven coop on my private servers again with friends of mine. I introduced Clanof to team fortress 2 and he loved it (Also got an australium flamethrower in his 10th tour, lucky bitch).
I'm looking forward to play a lot here, considering my previous experiences in Roleplay and serious Passive Roleplay, I am more than ready to earn everyone's trust and to make the server, well, hopefully a better place. Since I already made an improved fire station hehe. But I'm pretty sure that the admins won't give me every time 100 props, and It's entirely understandable. Also I see this server as a great place where I can spend my time into, since it fits exactly what I want in a server, which is beeing able to seriousRP and build at the same time, (Too bad it doesn't have /roll, would make it much better).

[Image: 3639960075.jpg]

Thanks for reading all of this, you guys are awesome and keep up the good work, I'm sorry if I typed too much, I am like that, even when I RP I like to make stuff last a lot, because the longer it last, the better it is.

Also, I didn't say my age, but I wanted to say it now because I'd like to show that no matter the age you can achieve anything if oyu put effort in it, I'm just 15 years old, yet showed myself to be able to grow up thanks to the help of friends. I managed to work with important people and did my job properly, Managed to learn english all by myself and hopefully soon will manage to become a part of ETF2L soon!
See you all in the server. Best of luck Good night/day to you all.

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Welcome Ossarium!

I met you on the servers and I noticed you only had 80 hours, being a newcomer. I got very surpriced when I saw your roleplay skills when calling you over to fix my vehicle. I am looking forward to meet you and to see you on the servers again. Your introduction thread also looks very pretty. Hopefully you will enjoy your stay!
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Welcome to FL!
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Welcome to Fearless, enjoy your stay!
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One of the most colourful and enthusiastic newcomer threads I've seen.

A big welcome to you! Hope you enjoy your time here Smile
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Welcome to Fearless Ossarium! 
Nice introduction post you've written, hope to see you in-game! Smile
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Damn this is quite the introduction, welcome.
Hope to RP with you in future! Welcome and add me on steam if you wish!


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An amazing newcomer post!
I hope to see you around and welcome!
[Image: WtJ_PvGz_normal.jpg] <<< +Rep this guy they are very cool.
Hey! Don't forget to tell me what do you think about the trailer! I really love feedback from you all! <33

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