Staff resignation notice
Staff resignation notice
Dear Fearless community,
It’s our sad duty to inform you that the time has come for us to resign from our positions at Fearless. The vast majority of admins are resigning, as is the entire super-administrator team, the development team, and the security team.
We’ve chosen to resign because of the actions of Fearless’ owner, SoulRipper. This was not a rushed decision; we’ve tried many times to reason with SoulRipper, and we have given him many chances to improve in the past, in which he has promised to us that things will change. However, while initial improvements were shown, the promises were consistently eventually broken, and we found ourselves going in circles.
The biggest issue was, by far, communication. If you glance through most of the threads in the administrative office and development sections, SoulRipper has failed to participate in the fast majority of the threads. There have been a couple of cases where he either stated a non-opinion, or didn’t comment at all, and then publically threw admins under the bus by saying that he had nothing to do with the situation. We’ve asked SoulRipper numerous times to communicate with him more, but we have seen little improvement. It is very difficult to contact him on Steam or in-game – there have even been times where the entire staff team have been in a group chat or on teamspeak for a meeting and SoulRipper has refused to join because he is role-playing.
The most recent issue that caused us to strike was when SoulRipper overrode the staff vote in a decision regarding one player’s ban. The player was SoulRipper’s friend, and he fought to have him unbanned; in the end, he ignored the wishes of the vast majority of staff and reduced the ban to 2 weeks, rather than the several months proposed by most admins. When we had a teamspeak meeting regarding the situation, the player was invited in by SoulRipper to defend himself – no other player would get this kind of special treatment, and we feel that this is unfair.
Rather than continuing to list issues, I’d like to show you the final demand that we made to SoulRipper, which he refused:
[Image: 00ad9de1cb665b046852da8e42faf4ee.png]
As SoulRipper refused this ultimatum, and as he had previously stated that he would demote any and all admins who continued to strike, we have no choice but to resign. This would not have been our initial choice. We love the Fearless community; we’ve all spent countless hours working in administration, development, and security in order to improve the community for everyone. However, we feel that we can no longer work in this community with SoulRipper at the helm, therefore we’re starting a new community with Temar in charge and the rest of the staff structure the same.
Please note that we have no intentions of harming the Fearless community. While we have removed our personal alterations on the Fearless dedicated server (including all security and anti-DDoS protection, management panels, and updates on beta), we have not harmed the gamemode, forums, or database. Security will give up their keys to SoulRipper.
We mentioned donations in our strike declaration. The evidence to support our claims is not based on PayPal transactions, as SoulRipper refused to be transparent about donation income and expenditure when we asked, only saying that it was taxed, went into his bank account, and that income was great than expenditure, but other than that he refused in our initial meeting. He did state that he would be transparent after he refused our demands, but by then, it was too little, too late. The evidence is based on conference between Temar and Faustie, and very thorough checks of the CityRP database, where all donations are logged. We can see all donator status payments and all money-packs from after November 2014, as SoulRipper deleted them, but from this we can extrapolate a total income, without tax.
[Image: 56cc68f4e060feafeb99511281541730.png]
I would greatly appreciate if the above images were not removed or this post edited, as was agreed on in our meeting.
Once again, we’d like to re-iterate that we love the Fearless community and that we’re very sorry to leave us, but in the end, we were left with little choice. We’ll be creating a new server, and you’re all welcome there. Of course, we won’t be attempting to harm Fearless in any way; we love Fearless, and we’ve all spent countless hours there.
Thank you very much. It’s been an absolute pleasure to be a part of this community.

BlackOut, Brynn, Burnett, Enzyme, Faustie, Fultz, General Rickets, GeorgeTheBoy, Nacreas, Obay, Pinky, Preditor, Rolorox, Safira, Sir Crow, Temar, TheBlackShadowOfGod, Theomenz, Vauld, Venom, Wood, Zecon
That's a lot... of income just by a gmod server.
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Thank you for the great time Soulripper. I personally thank you for your trust in me for protecting the community against various attacks. I joined FL back in 2012 and I was a staff member for a year and two months. It's been a pleasure and I'll never forget our great time here.

Thank you Community <3 I do love you all no matter who you are. It's been an outstanding time here and I wish you all the best for the future.

~ Burnett takes his cowboy-hat and rides off
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Thanks for everything

-Pinky signs out
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Thank you for your time spent at the Fearless community, we all appreciate it. I also would like to thank you all for the time spent administrating the servers. However, I think this such a drastic decision and the end could of differed.

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Thank you all for everything.

And for all the abuse threads too <3
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RIP fearless admin team
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Beflok is my idol

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Bye folks, love you all
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Musician, Ex-Administrator
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I approve of this message

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