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Everything you need to play on the servers
Yeah I do I got css and the orange box
And I meant whenever i put it in it doesnt show up
Make sure the games are mounted.
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did but i just realised it was cause i got no winrar
Please Reupload rp_evocity2_v33x map Big Grin
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Bluescattle, there's no need to quote his whole post.
Links are broken, just a heads up.
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I've fixed the download links Smile
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Fix pack didnt worked...At least it fixed the tables at the clothes shop :3
Downloading the content pack i hope it fixes :3 Cant wait for download so i got this! hope you enjoy (no racism or hate included)

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I have downloaded all the packs and still the only thing that is all pink and black is the skin for the volvo car :/,cant fix that w/o buying the hl2ep.
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Can someone tell me the IP code for the v33x server (IP address + port), because I have to use the 'connect' command in the console due to my bad router (server list loads very poorly).

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