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Equalizer explained.
Equalizer explained.

By Equalizer.

So, I’ve been thinking. Since I have spent around four consecutive years of my life in this community, the members deserves to know, who I really am and what I am all about. I mean, we spend hours every day playing together anyways, don't we?

But Equalizer, what are your intentions with this thread?

Well, I guess my intentions are to give everyone a general understanding of who they are playing with and if anyone decides to follow in my footsteps and post an autobiography about themselves too, well then, I would be more than pleased to read it.

Who are you really, Equalizer?

My real name is Morten and I am from Denmark. I live in a large city called Aalborg. I finished what we call Folkeskole* two years ago, which is basically Primary School here in Denmark. (11 Years of School) Upon completion I went to an Efterskole* in the Southern part of Jutland, where I studied Cambridge Advanced English and Business English for a year. I was in a class that focused on being International, which meant that there was a lot of traveling involved. During the year I went to The Netherlands, France and South Africa. In The Netherlands we worked alongside a Dutch class to come up with new ideas that could contribute to the Elderly Homes all over the world, we visited a scientific institute that specialized in development of machines and other electronic devices that could make everyday tasks easier for elderly people. In Example; Robotic arms that could feed them, Elevation beds, an iPad on wheels that would follow you around and other futuristic shit. Heh.

In France I got the opportunity of a lifetime, I was asked to make and display a presentation of my Efterskole* in front of the European Parliament, in the official building, in Strasbourg. There was about 2000 students, parliament members and teachers present that day. It truly was a once in a lifetime experience for me.


Spoiler :
[Image: 1487870_10202931501517187_1415085878_o.jpg] [Image: 1471818_10202944146313299_2085222912_n.j...9ea0ef3acb]

I was in South Africa for a total of three weeks, the first week was dedicated to visiting businesses, both local and international all over South Africa. The rest of the stay was basically vacation; Sightseeing, Relaxation and so on. It was without doubt the most inspirational, interesting and educational three weeks of my life.

Now that I am completely finished with all the forms of educations I had planned, I am enlisting for the Royal Danish Army. My father was in the Royal Danish Navy as a weapon specialist/smith and there is nothing in the entire world, which could make me more pleased, than to follow in his footsteps, however, I am not interested in joining the Navy, I find the land forces a lot more interesting. I am looking to be stationed in middle-eastern country as soon as possible, because I want to show my support to the 51 soldiers that sacrificed their lives for the greater good, for their country and for their people. I want to support the 6000 Danish troops that still serve in Afghanistan. I want to be, one of the 6000. Nothing in the world, can make me change my mind and I am completely confident about my choice.
That is basically where I am with my life to this very day.

So, what’s your history in the Fearless Community?

I joined the Fearless Community in the ending of 2010. I found the server by accidentally joining a steam-friend of mine called Unnamed. I was a complete newcomer to the Garry’s Mod game itself. However, something just seems to have caught my attention as soon as I joined. Being the newbie I was, I immediately ran up to MikeyTheFox to ask how and where I bought administrator privileges, he directed me to the Forums unaware what my intentions were, after scooping around the forums for a couple of minutes, I found nothing to my interest, I then asked him again. “where do i buy admin?” He quickly explained to me that the Administrator privilege wasn’t something you could buy, but something you would be handpicked for. This was new to me, I had never been to a server where you could not buy admin. So, I decided to donate instead, I wanted to be the best. Over the months, I ended up at a total amount of 2547,5 USD in donations to the Fearless Community, some of this being soul donations, meaning that I did not receive any type of in-game currency or advantages. This was, a donation. Let’s just say my father is a wealthy man.

However, this isn’t about the money, it never was. Fact is, I enjoy playing Fearless. Even though I used to be what we fear and hate the most, these days. A big, fat, minge. I currently have 14 bans and I do believe that is a record. Like mentioned above, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, when I joined the servers. For all I knew, this could be Counter-Strike: Source. This was quickly at display as I continuously was caught breaking the rules. I did like many others do today, felt my ban was unjustified, I took it to the forums, gathered a lot of unwanted attention to myself. Which one day let to a permanent suspension from Fearless.

I was absolutely devastated, yep, call me a no lifer, but I was. I quickly learned from my mistakes, posted an un-ban request and got the ban shortened to two months. When I got back, people told me that I was a new person. Nobody recognized me as the old Toxic* that was permanently banned. This made me think, that I needed a new name with my new personality and play style. That, ladies and gentlemen was where Equalizer was born. Fresh as mint and ready to right my wrongs. I collected RP Points as were they flowers, everything went up. Till suddenly, SoulRipper contacted me, I was being promoted to Moderator. What I had been working so hard to obtain, a position in the staff team. I was so proud of myself, to be honest. The months quickly passed and in the fourth month of my moderation period, Narcotic was promoted to the Administrator Rank, I was confused as to why I wasn’t promoted as well, this started to get on my nerves, I mean, what was I doing wrong? Narcotic quickly started to become very arrogant and disrespectful towards me, which ended up with a discussion in the @ chat, that lead to my demotion. Officially I was demoted Administrator Disrespect. I do not wish to go further into detail, I wasted my shot and that is how it is.
After that, I went on playing like I always did and here I am, still playing, two and a half years later and hopefully for the years to come.

Was that it?

Yeah, that was pretty much it. Now you know, everything there is to know about me. However, if you do have something, feel free to shoot them my way. I’ll try to answer them.

If you are still reading; You are awesome.

*Efterskole = An efterskole is something unique to Denmark, but the closest thing would be a Boarding school.
*Folkeskole = The general education in Denmark, similar to Elementary and Primary School merged together.
*Toxic = Toxic was my name when I first joined the Fearless Community.

Map of Denmark, explained.

I live in "Drugs and that one party street"
Spoiler :
[Image: 10550050_902588169769461_5931688105839746438_o.jpg]
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I hope you reach your goal Morten! Good luck with the Royal Danish Army!
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give me reps or i will hate you forever and talk bad about you behind your back
That is one beautiful explanation. Thanks for sharing and hey.
I wish the best for you and your goals and I thank you for spending that time we had together in joy.

Good luck Morten.
One of these threads... Again? Tongue
(09-02-2014, 04:53 AM)Jan Wrote: One of these threads... Again? Tongue

Not sure if I am following ya, mate?
Nice to get to know you Morten, let's not forget mooing EvoRadio with Mathias_ haha.
You have all my best wishes for the future and I look forward to seeing you around in the upcoming times
Young men driving too fast mixed with bored people, that's where i live..
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Royal Danish Army, Stands for RDA.

me liek

Good luck, Morten.
Kind Regards Chocolate Labrador

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Nice thread, hope you get to do what you want to do.
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nice stori would read again 11/10
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